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Louisiana Ballroom Dance Performances Event To Be Held In Kenner Mall

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384px-ballroom_dance_exhibitionWith the glamour and grace of “Dancing With The Stars” and “You Think You Can Dance” TV hits reintroducing the world to ballroom dance, it is easy to understand why this pursuit has so many followers.

With ballroom dancing, life is a passion.

Which is why members of the Louisiana Ballroom dance community want to share their pleasures with the public by waltzing, foxtrotting, cha-cha-ing  and performing other dances at Esplanade Shopping Mall in Kenner, on Saturday. 


The dance demonstrations and other activities are designed to share the beauties and wonders of the dance so more people might become interested and participate in this art, exercise, social, sport activity treasure that blends music with movement.

My wife, Althea and I are relative newcomers to ballroom dancing and over a short time we have witnessed how it breaks down barriers of age, sex, and so many other walls that society tends to construct that unfortunately separate us from one another

So, the entire Louisiana Ballroom Dance community invites the public to the Dance At The Esplanade.  Come soak up the steps, glance at the glitter, and the swing with the sways.

Who knows, you might be taking the next step towards the rest of your life.

Here are the event details and below that are statements from just a few members of the fast-growing Louisiana community which includes so many walks of life:

USA DANCE: National Ballroom Dancing Week is celebrating a dance expo complete with informational booths, Q and A, demonstrations and performances on Saturday, September 25th from 12 pm to 3pm at The Esplanande Mall Center Court, lower level
1401 West Esplanade Ave. Kenner, LA 70065
Cost: Admission is free and open to the public

Dance performances will be east and west coast swing, tango, waltz, foxtrot, rhumba, mombo, samba, line dancing, bolero, merengue, hustle and cha-cha.

Statements from the Louisiana Ballroom Dance community:

It has been the greatest experience that has happened to me in my life.  It is a wonderful way to socialize and to meet people.  Joe Greiner 89 years old

Ballroom dancing takes away all my stress and worries of the day.  I think about floating across a dance floor in a billowy chiffon dress.

The reason I LOVE ballroom dancing is because I've met so many wonderful couples and friends particularly at my dance studio I frequent and at the USA Dances.  Before I started dancing I was extremely shy...and it's helped me to approach life differently.  I currently work in an office environment and do some modeling here and there but I never stay away from my dancing!  It lets me indulge in chocolate and I LOVE chocolate!!

Ronna Lejeune

 Why do I like ballroom dancing?  Ballroom dancing is more than simply dancing.  It provides us with a fabulous social outlet and we have made some wonderful friends from all walks of life and from all parts of the country. 

How is it benefitting me?  As we approached retirement, we were looking for something we could do together.  Ballroom dancing fulfills that criteria and it also gives us a physical and mental workout.  Ballroom dancing provides cardiovascular and aerobic exercise.  There is always something new to learn and perfect so it helps to keep you mentally sharp and engaged.

Charlie Clement, Baton Rouge

 Dance is more than a substitute for the gym.  It is a Social outing  for all ages , from 5th graders in Jefferson Parish Schools  to the very Senior of members in their 90’s.  Ballroom Dancing is  a great outing  and very beneficial-- physically, mentally and emotionally.   I cannot see not being able to dance.

Jules Borne, Age 59

Ballroom dancing has done wonders for me. I have gained more self-confidence. I also have met wonderful people, who also enjoy the same enjoyment of dancing.  The reason why I keep up with my dancing is I enjoy having fun on the dance floor.

Jen Auffenberg, an adjunct math professor at Delgado Community College.

“When I am in class, or on the dance floor, no matter if the day has been awful; or  if I have a great burden on my mind, for that time that I am dancing, it all goes away....dancing is my respite, and I don't really have to be good at it for this to be true.

 Also, you meet the nicest people when you dance, and the experience opens up a whole new world!

Ruby Shrieves, a great-grandmother

I have had many jobs in my life but none has been as rewarding as teaching Ballroom Dancing.

The rewards of Ballroom Dancing are plenty for the student as well, from mere exercise to finding a mate.

It has been a favorite pastime for ages and for all ages. We shall not fear for the youth has caught the shining star and has hooked on to it!

Stela Howard

Starlight Ballroom

Motorcycle riders love to feel the wind in their faces.  Tennis players relish the feel of the ball hitting the center “sweet spot” of the racquet.  Dancers also enjoy the feel of their bodies moving in rhythm with the music and in unison with their partners.  As with other sports and physical exercises, it takes some training to get the feelings right.  But as you learn to move your whole body to express the different beats and styles of ballroom music, and as you learn to gently and silently match your partner in a variety of patterns, and as you gain a confident posture and style, then the pleasures of dancing grow and become addictive.

And that is just the physical and emotional “feeling” side of the sport.  The social pleasures add more enjoyment.  Ballroom dancing is by tradition a highly interactive activity that encourages meeting and dancing with many people at each event.  Great friendships and partnerships develop and often become close, enduring relationships.

I first met Neila at a dance party, and we soon became life partners.  We have seen the same results among a number of dancing friends.  But whether you are married to your partner or not, whether the dance lasts for years or just minutes, you can both have the exhilarating experience of moving together in perfect rhythm.

Cecil Phillips, Baton Rouge

by Stephen Sabludowksy
Publisher of

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