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The Bobby Jindal mojo

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jindal-differenceWith the  Louisiana legislative session close within walking distance, one of the major points of discussion will be whether the Governor, Bobby Jindal has lost his stroke.  He started the session on horrible note--Department of Health and Hospitals scandal, poll numbers slide and a well-discussed and promoted tax swap plan that got parked and then fell into a ditch.


Jim Brown and I discussed Jindal's "mojo" in a recent Google Hangout interview  Here is today's segment:


SABLUDOWSKY: His popularity is close to 37% and I believe it's closer to 30% so hopefully that woke him up.

BROWN: Let me take you this. When I was Insurance Commissioner, some new young wet behind the ears kid with long hair who was the new Secretary of the Department of Health, named Bobby Jindal, made an appointment and come to see me, I didn’t know who he was and then somebody told me Mike Foster had gone ehad and made him this top appointee at 24 years old. I thought he had a great grasp of ideas.  I think when Bobby Jindal gets a hold of an issue and takes it on and pushes all his aides aside and concentrates on it; he is a good as there is in this state.

SABLUDOWSKY: Listen, there is no question but in my mind, I have said millions of times, I don’t know if one person could have been as good as a governor who had as much potential, being just an incredible governor as Bobby Jindal. I think he has wasted that opportunity. Obviously with his popularity just being, at, I mean, below Governor Blanco ‘s popularity, as for as I m concern. that tells you a lot, keep mind in mind, Blanco’s popularity was at a time where we were just hit by Hurricane Katrina and that nothing was working, nothing in the state was working. So I mean what does that tell you? It tell you, I believe, that people have decided ..wait a minute.... this guy better get on it or else he is not gonna be able to do anything?

BROWN: Well I hope we've seen that change the last...

SABLUDOWSKY: Well I hope so...

BROWN: and you know what, you right you hit it right on the head Steve. what we trying to do is getting over this money thing hurdle. if they could just find a way to fund charters schools and fund this voucher program. I think they have to shut down the session and go home and then get through the next year, just buy a little time to get to the next year. Forget all this other stuff: about your six going to the restaurant and all these other ideas that quite frankly don’t directly affect our lives, deal with the finances and shut it down. And I think that’s what a lot of legislator like to do but its going to take the governor to make it all work and I think there’s a little light at the end of the tunnel or where he just might be saying “hey, maybe I can’t let this thing get away from me", now can he recoup in the few weeks we have left in the legislative session?

SABLUDOWSKY:  Well let’s hope so, I mean like again, I think he is a decent guy, I mean I really do mean that. I think the talent is there, everybody agrees to that point. How he is a 30% is just a testimony that he has not delivered on what he said he was gonna do or to be who said he was gonna be...

BROWN: You got to recognize the time if we go back into this conversation about, the frustrations of everyone I talked to about this political system. Barack Obama’s popularity is plummeting, there is not a Republican out there with good marks of any kind. and the only guy who’s got good marks is Bill Clinton. He is the only guy who holds his popularity. So, nobody is fairing very well although we seen Jindal erosion over the last 6 months to year, as some of these issues have gotten away from him. So, I hope he is gonna reconsider for example the whole health issue that’s not come up in this session. So very little is happening.  Get to the money problem, that is what I hear legislators say that’s what they want to do. Shut it down, go back and regroup and come back and fight, another fight a better day.


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