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GOP razes Landrieu, Peterson nays, Louisiana legislature battles budget

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Louisiana-house-repsThe Louisiana GOP, once again, are taking advantage of the recent statement that has stoked the racial flames in Louisiana and elsewhere.



In an e-blast early Monday, the Louisiana Republican Party reminded the email recipients that Karen Carter Peterson tied Obamacare to race in her statement before the Louisiana Senate.    The LAGOP also reminded the readers that Mary Landrieu, a candidate for re-election to the United States Senate has yet to make a statement on the “racism controversy”.

Here is the contents of the email: Why is Mary Landrieu Silent on the LA Demo Racism Controversy?

Almost one week after Senator Karen Carter Peterson called Louisianians who oppose Obamacare racist and ignited a firestorm of national press coverage, Senator Mary Landrieu has denied media requests to weigh in on the topic and condemn the chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party’s unfortunate remarks. 

"We want to know why Senator Landrieu has refused to discuss this issue with the media, why she has not publicly denounced Peterson's remarks and why she has not demanded a public apology from the head of her Democratic Party," LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere said. "Whose side is Senator Landrieu on? We hope she is not planning to accept state Party resources from a chairwoman who makes these kind of embarrassing and inflammatory remarks."

"Senator Landrieu's silence could be mistaken as support for Senator Peterson's outrageous comments," said LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré. "As Louisiana's last liberal standing, Senator Landrieu has a responsibility to her constituents to denounce this obviously wrong statement."


"Despite media requests, Landrieu has not — and may not — weigh in on the topic. But she has continued to support the federal Affordable Care Act and she has repeatedly criticized Gov. Bobby Jindal for not adopting the Medicaid expansion," Jordan Blum wrote in an article published in The Advocate this morning.

The Race Debate

Has the Louisiana Republican Party gone too far? That is one of the issues discussed in a recent Google hangout. Publisher Stephen Sabludowsky, Jim Brown and Jeff Crouere discussed the latest controversy, whether the Louisiana GOP is engaging in deception or distortion. Sabludowsky claims that the Republican assertion that Peterson called opponents to Obamacare racist is totally untrue. Do Crouere and Brown agree? Check out the video debate and take the poll on this controversy which is at the bottom of this page article.


Greater New Orleans Republicans requests apology from Sen. Peterson

this afternoon, the Republican party organization from reading loans sent out an email requesting an apology from Karen Carter Peterson. 

Here is the request: 

The Greater New Orleans Republicans request an apology from New Orleans Democratic State Senator and Democratic State Party Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson for her remarks on the floor of the Louisiana Senate May 30th. Peterson claimed that opponents of the Affordable Care Act, also referred to as ‘Obamacare’, are opposed to the legislation because of the race of President Obama.

“It's not about how many dollars we can receive, it's not about that," Peterson said. "You ready? It's about race. I know nobody wants to talk about that. It's about the race of this African American president."

Peterson represents the City of New Orleans and several members of our organization as a Senator from Senate District 5. Her remarks are inaccurate, unfair and extremely counterproductive.

Karen Carter Peterson’s slogan is ‘Successfully Offering New Solutions to Old Problems." Without a apology from Peterson it would seem that the Senator is one of the ‘old problems’ as playing the race card and name calling are vestiges of the old politics that dominated New Orleans pre Katrina.

The Greater New Orleans Republicans demand an apology and official retraction of her remarks on the record from our State Senator.

Peterson Blog

Karen Carter Peterson did speak out today not about the controversy but about the Senate budget that was passed Sunday.

The Louisiana senator said that this was a budget by default and as a result she voted against it which was her first no vote to a Louisiana budget in her legislative career.

A budget doesn’t just arrange dollars; it sends a message. And the message this budget is sending is our state is budgeting by default. Not the best, not even average. But what we've stuck ourselves with.

It doesn't present a vision for a better Louisiana or make smart investments to increase prosperity. Instead, it’s a trap of our own design. We have painted ourselves into a corner, and now we’re desperately struggling to get out.

This budget is, in the end, an irresponsible instrument. That's why I voted against this it, the first time I've voted against a budget in the 13+ years I've spent in the Legislature. 

Instead of setting the state on firm, long-term financial footing, we’re repeatedly robbing Peter to pay Paul. We’re playing a game, presenting the people of Louisiana a fiction. By balancing our budget with one-time funds, with raids on special accounts, with accounting tricks and by using certain, but not all, Federal dollars, we’re proving that it is only a budget of default and of last resort. 

It doesn't project stability for our state finances, but duct-tapes the holes in our ship to make it sea-worthy for just enough time to get the bill through the chambers. We’re fighting rear-guard actions to prevent even more devastating cuts to our most vital institutions of higher education and health care. We are hemming ourselves in so that we can only have bad and worse options. 

But it doesn't have to be this way: We don’t have to be irresponsible, raiding funds, moving money around on paper. We don’t have to leave so many opportunities on the table to help Louisianians, including critical grants, infrastructure development, or, yes, medicaid expansion.Louisiana needs a stable, fiscally-responsible state budget. I hope the Legislature realizes this. We'll keep fighting to ensure that they do. 

Read more on the budget that passed the Senate, and what the next steps are, here

Fax-Net: Louisiana legislative session, US Senate race

Lou Gehrig Burnett of the Louisiana fax-net has written about the current Louisiana budget tug-of-war and the upcoming US Senate race. Here are excerpts from this week’s fax-net:
The end is near
    The Louisiana Legislature has rounded the turn and is into the home stretch of its 2013 session.  It must end by 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 6.
    So, rest easy, citizens of the Bayou State, the end  is near, hopefully with no more drastic cuts or ideas for education and health care.
    The session has produced a $25 billion state budget, but it has not yet been approved by both chambers.  
    The Senate, as it is prone to do, has changed up several  parcels of the budget passed by the House.  And those changes could spell trouble for final passage.
    The Upper Chamber removed many cuts crafted by conservative House Republicans.  Not only that, it restored so much one-time revenues to fill budget holes, which fiscal hawks fought for vehemently in the House, that it could take a two-thirds vote for House approval of the Senate’s version of the budget.
    That could be very difficult to get in the frenzied, final days of the session.
    If the Senate and House are unable to reach a compromise and pass a budget, a special session would have to be called.  The fiscal year begins July 1, and a budget must be in place by then – and it must be balanced.
    If it comes down to a special session, you can bet that it will be expensive for taxpayers and not a pleasant experience for legislators.

 A burr under the GOP saddle?
    As the Louisiana Republican Party tries to keep just one major candidate in the U.S. Senate race against incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu in 2014, a political newcomer is not making that job any easier.
    U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy of the 6th Congressional District, appears to be the anointed one to oppose Landrieu.  His early announcement prompted U.S. Rep. John Fleming of the 4th District to vacate his consideration of running.
    But Rob Maness, a retired Army colonel from Madisonville in St. Tammany Parish, could prove to be a burr under the GOP’s saddle as the campaigns for the U.S. Senate seat progress.
    He has received the endorsement of the National Defense PAC, an emerging influence in elections around the country.  Headed up by retired Navy Admiral James J. Carey, the organization supports candidates who have worn the uniform of their country.
    It’s website says it is “dedicated to supporting the election of balanced-budget-committed military veterans to the U.S. Congress.”
    The National Defense PAC is not yet a heavy-hitter among political action committees money-wise, but it is reaching out to veterans across the country for support, either by their vote or through contributions.
    Maness does, indeed, have an impressive military background.  Among his military awards are the Legion of Merit with one oak-leaf cluster, the Bronze Star, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Air Medal, Aerial Achievement Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal with one oak-leaf cluster, and the Air Force Commendation Medal with six oak-leaf clusters.
    Raising money will likely be a major challenge for Maness, but if he can mobilize and get support from the many veterans who are citizens of Louisiana, he could emerge as a very viable candidate.
    The number of Veterans in Louisiana is 312,187. The Veterans make up 9.2% of the 3,410,467 Civilian Population (18 Years and Older). publisher Stephen Sabludowsky, Jim Brown and Jeff Crouere discussed some of these issues and more in a recent Google hangout.
Watch the video  at the bottom of the article


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