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Attorney: Sinkhole, “environmental trainwreck that is the Jindal administration”

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jindal-pic-mardi-gras-crimeOne vocal environmental attorney who has been actively involved in the BP oil spill case has taken off the muzzle after officials closed down a four-mile section of highway near swampland that became sinkhole on Friday.

In effect, attorney Stuart Smith is accusing of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s administration for contributing, exacerbating and covering up the problems associated with the sudden 200x200 hole and the reported “shifting of some of the gas pipelines that that criss-cross the Bayou Corne area” which the lawyer said is “raising the risk of a catastrophic explosion”.      



In a blog post, Smith said, “So you might think that given the gravity of the crisis now, Louisiana officials would spring into action — especially when subsequent reports revealed that the sinkhole is also shifting some of the gas pipelines that criss-cross the Bayou Corne area, raising the risk of a catastrophic explosion. But if you think that, you haven’t been watching the environmental trainwreck that is the Jindal administration. Officials have been slow to divert traffic from the affected area, and now they’ve blocked the public from seeing real time information about possible methane hazards

Smith also said, “I don’t believe a word they say about the environmental or human health risk of this mounting disaster. I’m sure this industry told the regulators and the public that these operations were perfectly safe. This is the same storyline that BP used for its Gulf of Mexico operations and the frackers are using today. The State of Louisiana approved these operations, negligently monitored them, and is now expected to be truthful about it. Fat chance — with the lawsuit bullseye squarely on the Jindal administration.”

According to news reports, “. Louisiana Highway 70 crosses over the pipeline and the fear is that - if the 36-inch pipeline breaks - there could be an explosion.”

The Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness says the highway will stay closed until gas is removed from that line, owned by Crosstex Energy LP, and one owned by Acadian Gas Pipeline LLC of Thibodaux.

Both companies say they are working on it.

According to Assumption Parish Police Jury, LA 70 will reamin closed throughout the evening with the possibility of being opened at midnight.


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