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Peterson’s GOP gift, Landrieu’s bait, Vitter’s, Jindal’s gambit

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jindal-landrieuWith the Louisiana legislative session coming to a close this week, the Republican Party might be able to take a breath of relief from the acrimony within the party during the session. The controversy around Louisiana State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson’s comment about race and Obamacare, has been a gift to the party which political opportunity has been solely needed.


 According to Jim Brown, he doesn’t recall anyone whose popularity has dropped so suddenly as did Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Brown made those remarks in part two of a Bayou Buzz hangout with me and radio talkshow host Jeff Crouere.

Towards the end of the session, one of the most controversial issues came to the forefront. That issue pertains to the Obamacare Medicaid extension proposals in which Peterson made a remark that the Louisiana Republicans seized upon. That statement suggested that a major reason for the opposition in the state for the Medicaid extension is Obama’s race.  Obamacare, nor the President, is popular in Louisiana.

That controversy could be short lived for Peterson. However, another politician may feel the heat--Louisiana democrat, US senator Mary Landrieu.

Landrieu is running for reelection next year and to date has picked up a strong opponent in US Congressman Bill Cassidy of Baton Rouge.

The long-term impact of the Peterson controversy could be that Sen. Landrieu might need to respond to the Louisiana Republican party requests to distance herself from the Peterson statement. Already, Landrieu, to some voters, is branded with the passage of Obamacare.

Just how should Landrieu deal with the controversy is a matter of debate.  Brown, believes if she should denounce Peterson’s statement, that could be the best of both worlds for her. Crouere, believes that Landrieu has much campaign experience as this is her fourth run for office of the U.S. Senate. Crouere believes that Landrieu will be able to maximize up on that experience.

Crouere also feels that Landrieu needs to pick up support conservatives and independents and has already done so by getting the nod of ship builder for Boysie Bollinger and real estate Mongol and banker, Joseph Canizaro.   Jim Brown, on the other hand, stated that Landrieu has recently made some very conservative picks for the judicial system in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Although the election is over one year away, Crouere feels that currently, Landrieu would be ahead.

In recent weeks, Cassidy picked up a Republican foe in Rob Maness. Maness is not well known in the state and Crouere believes that there might be others who are looking at the race other than those two.

Brown reported that although Landrieu is considered by some as being the most vulnerable senator up for reelection and that substantial Republican money will be thrown into the race to defeat her.  Jim Brown further said that US senator David Vitter was instrumental in negotiating on behalf of Cassidy to clear the political field of competition primarily of current US Congressmen.

With Jindal’s popularity diminished, the question now is what could be his next job. According to Crouere and Brown, his chances for US president are going nowhere, he is term limited, and has never served in the private sector. Both believe that Jindal would want to remain in the public sector. Brown raised the prospects of Jindal supporting Vitter for governor and then the former backing the latter US senator.

Crouere called this a nightmare scenario.



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