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Monday, 27 September 2010 19:54

Louisiana Vitter and Melancon Commercials, Tweets, Lt. Gov. Race, Cash For Jindal

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steve_sabludowsky01Governor Jindal will be involved in a fundraiser again this week; however, this one is for his own campaign:

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will be the featured guest at a $1,000-per-person intimate gathering at a private residence in Uptown New Orleans Wednesday, September 29th.

New Orleans attorney, John Houghtaling, organizer of the 5:00 p.m. reception, said he anticipates a turnout of about 50 supporters.

The fundraiser is open to the public, and reservations can be made by calling 504.358.8704 or emailing [email protected].

Recently, Jindal has been raising money for Republican governors across the U.S.

US Senate Race Observations

Sometimes one thousand word can say nothing.

That is how I feel about one of the recent commercials by Senator David Vitter.  The commercial is entitled, “One thousand words”.

The commercials features a lady with short-cropped red hair who says,"While Louisiana families were struggling with the tragic oil spill, Congressman Charlie Melancon flew to Canada to pick up campaign checks from trial lawyers who were there meeting on how to make money off the victims of the oil spill".


Then to foreboding music in the background, the red-headed woman asks, “What else could you ever need to know about Charlie Melancon?”

Well, with this commercial, I would like to know about accuracy in political advertising.

According to the Hill, “Melancon and several other Democratic Senate candidates were at a reception for the Committee for a Better Future on July 11 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The committee is connected to the American Association for Justice and the National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives, which were holding a convention in the city.”

When the criticism towards Melancon’s trip broke, the opposition pointed out that the trip occurred at a sensitive time during the initial successful capping of the BP well.

So, here is my confusion—

What did Senator Vitter expect Melancon to do, go plug the hole himself?   Yes, the incident occurred at a delicate time in the capping of the well, but the whole world did not stop nor did the campaigning.  Both the Vitter and the Melancon campaign continued to raise funds during the BP oil spill drama.  In fairness, both Vitter and Melancon spent a significant amount of time in Louisiana  during this period in both their official and in their political capacities as candidates.

Also, I am confused about the phrase, "making money off the victims of the oil spill".  Certainly, Senator Vitter is not opposed to attorneys helping the innocent victims recover damages due to the horrors of the BP oil spill?  Also, since he brought up the issue in his commercial, perhaps he can explain his own  position on oil spill liability?  

Senator Vitter first proposed a limit on oil spill damages.  Some estimated the cap at 9 billion dollars which would have been less than the amount that the Obama administration was able to extract from BP alone.

Then, Sen. Vitter proposed no caps on oil spill liability which would have meant that if the total damage exceeded a trillion dollars, the oil companies would be on the hook.

Well, whether there are monetary caps or no caps on liability or not, one option that those oil spill victims have is to prosecute these claims in court or through the claims process.  That effort, for better or worse, will certain involve attorneys.

Attorneys are helping entities such as the State of Louisiana, Louisiana parishes, local governments, restaurants, tourist organizations, seafood industries, entities opposing the oil moratorium and yes fishermen and oil industry workers, too.

Indeed should the attorneys prevail in court or through the process, they will be benefiting financially for their efforts but in almost all cases, if they do not recover for their clients they do not receive compensation

If Senator Vitter is against attorneys meeting in Canada, would he recommend that the plaintiffs represent themselves in court without attorneys while BP  and others sued pay their attorneys at a rate of $500.00 or more per hour trying to defeat Louisiana fishermen’s and others' claims for damages?

So, in less than one thousand words, that is what I would like to know.

(Disclosure: Stephen Sabludowsky is an attorney but is not involved in any of the BP oil spill litigation or related matters)

(Next: A Look at a Melancon commercial)

Louisiana Political Tweets:  In the new age of political media, here are some of the most recent political tweets

ErnestWooton: I'm Ernest Wooton. I am a Louisiana State Representative who has had enough of the party politics that paralyzes... Mon 09/27 12:48 PM


jmollerTP: David Vitter, Jeff Landry, Jay Dardenne and Charlie Melancon lined up to ride in New Iberia sugar festival parade

Senator David Vitter Take a look at my other new television ad by clicking the link below.

In an email to his followers in supporting the television ad, Vitter said, “"Sneakers" is set in what can only be Charlie Melancon's office as it's filled with memorabilia, like Obama sneakers, an Obama lava lanmb, as well as books about President Obama. It is only natural; Charlie Melancon is Obama's biggest fan”.

4 hours ago

Charlie Melancon Is it that Vitter doesn't know about college funding problems or that he just doesn't care?

Vitter’s stop at Nicholls draws concerns |

THIBODAUX — Although he expects the Obama administration’s ban on deepwater drilling to end soon, U.S. Sen. David Vitter told students Friday at Nicholls State University that there are still risks of damage to the local economy.



Butch Gautreaux, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, today received the endorsement of the Professional Firefighters Association of Louisiana (PFFLA/IAFF). The PFFLA represents Firefighters and emergency workers statewide.

Gautreaux is already backed by the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, the Louisiana AFL-CIO, and legislators and Democratic Executive Committees across the State and some of Louisiana’s top elected officials.

This week, Jay Dardenne picked up the endorsement from the Times Picayune and the Gambit Weekly. 

Dardenne has also received endorsements from the Greater Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce’s FuturePAC, The Louisiana Travel and Promotion Association’s TravelPAC, the Republican Parish Executive Committees of Orleans, East Baton Rouge, Ascension, Plaquemines and Terrebonne, and the Greater New Orleans Republicans.

The Lieutenant Governor's primary takes place on October 2nd.

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of