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Team Jindal not transparent on the Barfield Treasury confirmation

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barfieldAs expected Tim Barfield appeared before the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee this morning to ask for confirmation as the Secretary of Revenue.

Barfield admitted for the first time that he had not been the Secretary as many leges and others thought.  He claimed that it was all a misunderstanding by Team Jindal over the confirmation process.  Interestingly, for the previous 5 years Team Jindal understood the Senate confirmation process.


Senator Ed Murray asked the only relevant question of Barfield. Murray asked if the state budget (House Bill 1) contained a provision and funding to more than double the Secretary’s salary from $142k to $250k.

Rather than giving a direct answer Barfield obfuscated (as he does with all questions), but left the impression that others had confirmed that the funding and increase were contained in HB 1.

A source says that it was added by Senate Committee to HB 1. Senate Finance Chairman Jack Donahue claimed he didn’t know whether that happened.

Chairman of the committee Senator Jody Amedee threw a couple of softball questions at Barfield and the committee went into Executive Session (no media and no public allowed).

If the committee ever came out of the Executive Session it wasn’t shown on the Internet.  That’s no surprise since Amedee previously said that giving us citizens too much information about how our state is run would confuse us.

The only other thing learned was that Senator Dan Claitor has a keen interest in Barfield’s appointment.  Interesting!

Apparently, the committee referred Barfield’s confirmation to the full Senate. At some time today, the full Senate will go into Executive Session.

The only way we will know if Barfield was confirmed is to call the Secretary of Revenue’s office tomorrow and find out who is working there.

Folks, this is how Team Jindal operates while claiming to support transparency.


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