Tuesday, 28 September 2010 21:42

Louisiana Plaquesmines Parish Pres. Nungesser's Talks About Gulf Coast Task Force Jackson

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After meeting Ken Feinberg with all the Parish Presidents, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana President Billy Nungesser attended Naval Secretary Ray Mabus’ press conference at the river front where he learned of the appointment of Lisa Jackson over the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force.  President Nungesser met with Lisa Jackson immediately after the press conference.

“I was elated that the President picked a local New Orleans person to head up this important task force.  Not only does Lisa have the passion for helping protect our coastline, but she also has an open line to the White House, which will make her invaluable in helping us get through this tragedy and make our coastline whole,” said President Nungesser.

(Press release from the Office of Plaquesmines Parish President, Billy Nungesser)

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