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List of best places to visit in Louisiana--fun, family and frivolity

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LouisianaAveryIsland2With prices going through the roof at destinations such as Disney World, New York City and elsewhere, here is an idea.

Stay home.

Well, not exactly home, but stay at your extended home, that is, someplace, somewhere in Louisiana.

Even during the hot miserable days of summer, you can still have plenty of fun with family and friends and still have change left for tuition.

So where can you go? How about New Orleans, one of the world's top destinations? Or booming cities such as Baton Rouge, Lafayette for Shreveport or any other city and town?

Take a ride to Avery Island or to a national park.

Want to have fun? Well, here is our Louisiana List of Places to go, using brand new list technology--we're calling it Louisiana Lists.

This  is a new way to create lists, special lists, any list--where others can contribute, give feedback and express.

Today, we have created a list of places that we believe you would enjoy. 

Now, don't get upset, as this is just the beginning of the list, an interactive one that lives and breaths with your help.

We are sure that you have your own contributions to this list and so we ask you to add your names of places you believe should be included.

So, please participate.  How? 

You can vote individual list items up or down, to eventually reorder the list,  or you can add new list item suggestions.

You can share the lists by email, facebook google plus, email and other social media.

So, click, add and enjoy.

If you would like to create a list for Bayoubuzz, please do contact me.  We would love to get your input.  We'll put it on our next list.

Stephen Sabludowsky | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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