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Thursday, 30 September 2010 18:13

Governor JIndal, The Louisiana Lt. Governor's Election And The Vote

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stephen sabludowskyWith the Lt. Governor’s election scheduled for Saturday, it is time for us to seriously reflect upon the future of Louisiana.

For years, many voters have felt that the office of Lt. Governor is a do-nothing position and is simply a fill-in position for Governor, should there be a vacancy.

Nothing could be further from the truth and especially this year.

While Governor Jindal has stated that he is running for re-election, there is no shortage of people who feel that should the right opportunity for a national position become available; the Governor would vacate this state’s top political job.

It is true that Jindal has been raising money for the state run and not for a federal seat.  However, I believe his actions over the past two years have suggested that he has strong interest in moving on should the opportunity exist.

So, the next Lt. Governor might find himself or herself in the position of taking over the Capitol’s 4th floor some time in the future.  Even should Jindal run for re-election and stay in that that seat for its duration, the Lt. Governor's position would be a strong position for any person interested in taking over the state's reigns.

Also, if Mitch Landrieu taught the state anything it is that the Lt. Governor’s position overseeing culture, recreation and tourism can be critical for this state which derives so much of a financial revenues from those areas of our economy.

So, as publisher of Bayoubuzz, I am asking everyone to vote.  It is my belief that if one does not vote in an election then they do not have any real right to complain about what occurs with the office.

As in other elections since the birth of this online publication, we are not supporting or endorsing any candidate for office.  As publisher, I certainly am not favoring any candidate in any race and frankly since the site went online, never had done so.  

I can only recommend that the readers deliberate hard regarding whom they believe would be the best person for this and other elective positions and exercise the most important opportunity and obligation which serves as the very foundation that our democracy is built upon, the vote.

Latest in the Lt. Governor’s race:

Republican Secretary of State Jay Dardenne continues to rack up newspaper endorsements, the latest coming from the Monroe News-Star.  This week, the New Orleans Times Picayune and the Gambit Weekly endorsed Dardenne.

Democrat Caroline Fayard has selected Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse for her campaigns election party.  The location was selected to highlight the importance of culture and tourism in Louisiana.

The Jay Dardenne campaign election night party will be held at the State Archives Building on Essen Lane.

According to an email press release by Jason Hebert, the press secretary for the Dardenne campaign, “The Louisiana State Archives building allows for and encourages private event rentals. Rental of the State Archives Building will be paid for by the Jay Dardenne Campaign at the same rate that any private entity would be charged. No usage of this facility will be paid for at taxpayer expense. “


Bayoubuzz Note:  Although there are only two days to the election for Lt. Governor, Bayoubuzz is and has been accepting all press releases from all of the candidates for publication.  Any campaign that has a press release it wishes Bayoubuzz to publish--whether it be for the election Saturday or for future elections, please email it and we will make all efforts to ensure that all voices are heard.

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of