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Louisiana Melancon Moves From Sex Scandal Commercial To Claim Vitter Dodging TV Debates

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Democratic candidate for Louisiana US Senate office, Congressman Charlie Melancon has written a letter to Senator David Vitter requesting that the televised debates schedule be finalized and that Sen. Vitter face the voters and debate the issues.

The challenge comes one day after Melancon released a two-minute commercial called "Forgotten Crimes" in which the Congressman focused directly at the DC Madam scandal that has dogged the Senator since 2007.

political observers believe that while Sen. Vitter admitted a "serious sin", he did not state what the sin was nor answer any questions about the charges against him.

In his letter to Vitter, which has been released to the media on Thursday, in various ways, Melancon appears to be making reference to the sex scandal.  One example is found on the press release in which the Melancon states that "Senator Vitter is used to hiding from questions".  But Louisiana deserves better than a Senator who refuses to explain his actions and his record."  Many

The Vitter campaign, in the past, has responded to claims that he is dodging debates  by claiming Melancon has refused to appear before the Tea Party, an organization that to date has aligned with many of the republican causes.   By contrast, Melancon, in his letter appears to be drawing a distinction claiming the debates are from various non-partisan groups.

Here is the Melancon press release and the Melancon letter which has been faxed to Vitter: 

Baton Rouge, LA -- Rep. Charlie Melancon, candidate for US Senate, again wrote to David Vitter today, pressing him to accept invitations to five live, televised debates that he has not yet responded to.

One month ago, on August 31st, Melancon challenged Vitter to a series of five live, televised town hall-style debates across Louisiana.  Vitter has so far not responded to the challenge.

"I've accepted invitations to six televised debates across the state.  The only holdout is David Vitter," Melancon said.  "Senator Vitter is used to hiding from questions.  But Louisiana deserves better than a Senator who refuses to explain his actions and his record.

"Maybe Senator Vitter forgot over the course of his 20 year political career that we answer to the voters.  But a US Senator should think highly enough of the people he represents to answer their honest questions.  I'll be at the debates.  Will David Vitter?"

A copy of Melancon's letter to Vitter (faxed to Vitter earlier today) can be found at the following link:

In the 2004 US Senate campaign, Vitter committed to five live, televised debates.  However, this fall, Vitter has only accepted one debate invitation -- and the first debate is scheduled for next Tuesday.  A full list of this year's debates follow.

2010 Debate Invitation




HTV-10 (Houma)

Oct. 5th



University of Louisiana, Monroe / KNOE-TV (Monroe)

Oct. 12th



University of Louisiana, Lafayette / KATC-TV (Lafayette)

Oct. 18th or Oct. 27th



Council for a Better Louisiana / Louisiana Public Broadcasting (Baton Rouge)

Oct. 21st



League of Women Voters / WBRZ-TV (Baton Rouge)

Oct. 26th



WWL-TV (New Orleans)

Oct. 28th




Melancon, Louisiana Democrats Use Sex Card Against Vitter In US Senate Race

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