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Louisiana Elections: Dardenne, Fayard, Vitter, Melancon, Congress Elections

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pinsonatNow that Louisiana voters went out to the polls on Saturday in low numbers to select the top candidates to vie for November general election what do the results mean for the upcoming Lt. Governor's race and other races across the state?

Bayoubuzz asked Bernie Pinsonat of Southern Media & Opinion Research the following questions about the impact that the past election over the weekend will have upon next month's bout. 

Were you surprised with the results in the Lt. Governor’s election?  If so, how were you surprised and if not, why not?

No surprises as the two candidates who had money and spent it finished one and two. This race was about raising money because of the very low turnout.

What do you think that both Dardenne and Fahey must do now over the next month?

Jay Dardenne needs to get the republicans who voted for other republicans. He will of course remind voters his opponent is a democrat. Black voters apparently went big for Fayard. She will need a lot more whites to beat Dardenne. Look for the business community to become very active and involved in trying to defeat Fayard!

What impact, if any do you believe the Lt. Governor’s election will have on the US Senate race and the other Congressional races?

I would expect the congressional and US Senate race to help Jay Dardenne. November 2nd will be a huge election for republicans all across the US. A majority of Louisiana voters want the congress and the senate to be controlled by republicans. That theme which will play well here in Louisiana and this turnout dynamic will benefit Dardenne. The anti Obama theme will dominate the 3rd congressional district, the US Senate race – do we really want to send another democrat to help President Obama – this could be the tag line on every ad run by republicans here in Louisiana.

Any early predictions in the 3rd Congressional District election?

The third district is a republican district / infighting among republicans handed the 3rd district to Melancon. I seriously doubt Melancon would have been reelected in 2010. Again, Landry only has to point out he will go to DC to oppose President Obama and his election is important to get rid of Nancy Pelosi. The oil spill moratorium is another huge plus for Landry in this area / plus Landry maybe the best candidate ever to get his voters to turn out and vote. This guy signed up a lot of voters to switch to republican. The republican party should hire the Jeff Landry Campaign to switch democratic voters to the republican party! Landry and his campaign are pure energy in motion! They never rest and the term 12 and 24 applies to this campaign!

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