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Jindal time: Landrieu race, poll numbers and Gov. Edwards

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jindal-landrieuAs Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has escaped a veto session today,  is now going across the state to reconnect with the voters but who keeps his national persona current by getting into debates such as the immigration reform legislation being debated in Washington D.C. , there is always the time to engage in political talk regarding one of the most prominent politicians in the country.


So, that is what Jim Brown and I did on Wednesday.

In a Google Hangout, Brown and I discussed Jindal’s future, whether he is serious about his statement that he is not going to run for U.S. Senate, the impact of that statement upon the current major candidates, democrat incumbent Mary Landrieu and republican Congressman Bill Cassidy.

Also, I asked Brown questions about a column written by Jeffrey Sadow,  an  ardent-Jindal supporter, who insists that the reason for Jindal’s low numbers in the polls recently is based upon the populism nature of Louisiana voters which grates against the type of reforms Jindal has tried to push such as education, government privatization, healthcare and other measures.  Sadow claimed that these necessary and strong reform measures almost guarantees his lack of support in the polls.

In sum, and in response to these issues, Brown stated the following:

Without Jindal in the race, Landrieu has a strong race against Cassidy, who is not well-known.

According to his sources, Bobby Jindal got angry that word got out about his interest in running for the U.S. Senate seat and then has opted to publically state he is not running for that office.

The drop in popularity has nothing to do with populism of the state voters but is related to his lack of accessibility and his lack of focus upon Louisiana issues.  Brown said major state officials have had no communication with him.  He compared Jindal to the likes of former governors Edwin Edwards and Mike Foster, Jindal’s former mentor.  Brown said that Jindal is not getting the benefit of the doubt because of his lack of accessibility and his personal relationships and that it’s not the issues, “it is the man”.

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