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Louisiana healthcare: Waiting for Obamacare, Google Glass, Ted Cruz

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Health reformThe Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is around the corner, assuming the republicans are not successful in defunding it.  One Senator, Ted Cruz of Texas is taking the lead in attempting to defunding the law. So, what are the new rules for businesses and for individuals?

 Not everyone is happy about the law, as evidenced by a crowd in Metairie Louisiana this week.

On the technology front, some entrepreneurs are looking at Google Glass as a new tool for healthcare. 

Here are these and more health, healthcare, news and insurance news stories for today:

As a result of the partnerships, Louisiana residents will have increased access to expanded services in their local communities. Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge, for example, will elevate their Trauma Center to Level 1 a facility that can provide immediate treatment for the most severe emergencies. Level 1 trauma care includes specialized teams who are at the hospital and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle extreme events such as major automobile accidents and industrial incidents.

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Metairie, La. — Some locals voiced concerns Monday about the possible impact of parts of the nation's health care reform…

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For Obamacare, Congress exempted themselves from the Affordable Care Act in a deal arranged by President Obama. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Obamacare implementation in California could be a disaster in terms of identity theft and fraud according to the California insurance commissioner.

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Employing a strategy that uses electronic medical records to direct care transition resources to the high-risk heart failure patients who need them most can reduce hospital readmissions, according to a new study by University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic.

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On Oct. 1, more than three years after it was signed into law, the Affordable Care Act will take effect. With just two months remaining, it's time for small businesses to start understanding and preparing for the changes

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The possibilities for Google Glass in healthcare are, to borrow an overused phrase, endless. A new collaboration in San Diego is looking to explore those opportunities in more detail.

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Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX, says there is only one way to defeat the Affordable Care Act, and it's not another attempt to repeal the law. "The reason why I'm focused on defunding Obamacare is that it's the only strategy that anyone has suggested that has any chance of success," he said on CNBC's "The Kudlow Report."

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