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Drake Nevis Anchors LSU Defense Line

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staton1Drake Nevis' emergence as the anchor of the LSU defensive line is no surprise because "it's his time," judged Tigers offensive tackle Joseph Barksdale.

Nevis, a senior defensive tackle form Marrero John Ehret had a career best 4.5 tackles behind the line in the Tigers' 33-29 victory over Florida at the Swamp on Saturday night. He also tackled Gators quarterback John Brantley in the end zone, forcing a fumble, but he was flagged for a facemask on the play, giving Florida a first the 19-yard line.  For the season Nevis,  6-foot-2, 295 pounds, has 33 tackles  (21 solos) and leads the Tigers with 5 sacks for 35 yards He has one interception and two forced fumbles..


The Tigers want  to be the best defense in the country and they are close to it. The Tigers are well on their way with a Nevis-menacing presence up front. And three years ago, someone knew he would be.

In 2007, former Tigers great and current Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Glenn Dorsey said Nevis was going to be the next great defensive tackle at LSU. As a freshman, Nevis used those words of encouragement to drive his work ethic throughout his career

"I paid attention to every little thing Glenn did and it helped me out a lot," said Nevis. "I'm fortunate enough to have played behind a great football player. I want to make him proud as make myself proud."

Being one of the most experienced veterans on the defense, Nevis' teammates look up to him just as he looked up to Dorsey. One in particular is cornerback Patrick Peterson, who is regarded as the best cornerback in college football.

"He was one of the first guys I looked up to when I got here," said Peterson. "

"He's just so laid back and ready to play football. It kind of reminds me of myself a little bit."

Nevis appreciates the respect his teammates give him.

"Even though he's so popular and high profile, Peterson always listens to me and takes my advice because I'm looking out for his best interests," explained Nevis.

Nevis also looks out for his teammates in the classroom as well. "I can count on one hand how many classes I've missed and it's really paid off," said Nevis.

The payoff will be when he is a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies that we will receive in December.  He will have graduated in 3 1/2 years.

"I consider school important to me," said Nevis. "I came in here with a goal to graduate in 3 1/2 years so I try to honor my word and my goal. I told my parents I was going to come here to play football and I was going to get my degree."

After receiving his degree his goal in to play in the NFL. Talent detectives project him as a second-round draft choice. He is rated No. 9 among collegiate defensive tackles in the country. He runs the 40-yard dash in 4.8 seconds and bench presses 225 pounds 31 times.

"Outside of football, I would like to be a mentor in the community and teach or coach," said Nevis." Whichever way I can positively impact an individual's life, that's what I would love to do.

"Football is important, but spirituality is more important. I took things seriously.  I was serious about my schoolwork and football as well as being unselfish and just trying to make everybody around me better players and people as well."

by Ed Staton
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