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Interviews: Crist, Peterson, Edwards, Landrieu fired up at Louisiana Demo dinner

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powerupThe Louisiana Democratic Party, inspired by Governor Bobby Jindal's fall in popularity and their belief that the Tea Party "extremism" is alienating voters, displayed signs of life Saturday night at its Jefferson-Jackson annual fundraiser dinner held in New Orleans, Saturday evening.


In fact, as promoted by the event's logo and slogan, they are "powered up and ready to win".

Given the fact that during the last statewide election, they failed to field a single candidate, some might view this enthusiasm as no more than a pre-game pep-rally.

Still, the dinner event, which featured former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who recently converted from Republican to Democrat, was held before an almost-packed house of roughly one-thousand strong.

Compared to recent annual Jefferson-Jackson dinners of which I have attended, the party is indeed powered-up and ready.  The "win" based upon political history over the reachable past, could be the hard part.  

Throughout the night, Louisiana Senator, Karen Carter Peterson, the current party Chairperson, passionately offered hope and vision as to how the Democrats would turn the election pages.  The Louisiana political party has been on a steep decline starting prior to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Currently, the only statewide elected official is three-term US Senator, Mary Landrieu, who is facing a stiff challenge in her bid for a fourth term.

Prior to the dinner, I interviewed Landrieu, Crist, Peterson and Louisiana State Representative John Bel Edwards, who has publically announced that he would be running for Louisiana governor spot in 2015.

Here are overviews of the interviews:

Landrieu discussed concerning the current state of the Louisiana Democratic Party, the controversial Affordable Care Act and an upcoming threat by republicans to shut down the federal government.   

Peterson talked about the party’s positive momentum, the upcoming Congressional elections and the U.S. Senate race.

Edwards responded to questions regarding the party and the current condition of Louisiana’s government and economy under Governor Bobby Jindal.

During the interview, Crist talked about New Orleans, his conversion to the Democratic Party, “Obamacare”, which he opposed as Governor (and which he now supports) and the impact upon the country should a government shutdown be successful.  The Crist segment also includes the first part of Crist’s speech to the audience, in which he outlined factors leading up to his recent conversion (video was shot from the large screen projection). 

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