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Keystone of Insanity as US plays cop with Syria over chemical weapons

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KEYSTONE-COPSMust America always fail to learn from experience??? 


In the 1990s under President Clinton the United States defied the United Nations and the American Constitution when it launched an attack with other European powers on Serbia.  This was orchestrated through NATO which actually violated NATO’s own charter because it is purely a defensive organization.  The storyline at that time was that the Serbians were “ethnically cleansing” the Muslims of Kosovo.  Tales of tens of thousands of dead civilians buried in mass graves covered the airwaves. 

In response, a NATO coalition led by the U.S. bombed the CIVILIAN population of Serbia attacking bridges, hospitals, businesses, infrastructure, and even by accident the Chinese Embassy.   This was an unprecedented action against a common population and caused the rift with Russia.   Why?  Because at that time Russia was weak and could not come to the aid of its traditional Slavic ally.  So it had to stand idle while America pounded Serbia into submission  without United Nation’s approval.  (Less we forget World War I began with Russian support for Serbia) 

What was the result of this aggressive and unconstitutional action?  Serbia was crushed.  Kosovo would later declare independence, which violated the peace treaty. Then the Muslims of Kosovo ethnically cleansed over 250,000 Serbs by driving them out of their homes.  The region remains a hotbed of unreported violence to this day.  Well done! 

Under President Bush we invaded Iraq and removed Saddam from power.  The purpose there was to prevent him from deploying Weapons of Mass Destruction and to protect his various ethnic populations from violence. 

Looking at Iraq today, one cannot help but believe that most Iraqi people wish Saddam was back in power because despite his horrid authoritarianism, the country ran and most people lived reasonably happy, certainly peaceful,  lives.  Today, Iraq is suffering the ravages of continued civil wars and terrorist attacks generated by religious and ethnic intolerance.  What have we actually achieved there?   What have we achieved in Afghanistan?  What have we achieved in Pakistan?  Three things for certain in each case…destabilization, bloodshed,  and chaos. 

Under this President, once again America and a select group of European allies overthrew Kaddafi’s government in Libya.   Were we attacked by Libya?  No!  So why did we declare an unconstitutional “kinetic military action” against that nation? The purpose was to protect the civilian population from violence.  Ring a bell?   How has that turned out?  A total disaster as anarchy and al Qaeda operatives spread murder and violence throughout the region using the weapons they took from Kaddafi’s arsenals.  Now much of sub-Saharan Africa is caught in the grip of terrorists armed with weapons they gained as a result of our actions in Libya.  We also lost an ambassador and three very brave men.  This action has been deemed a success. 

Need we go on to discuss our wonderful success in Egypt?  Certainly that too can be attributed to American meddling.   We have no clear policy there, but have persistently interfered in their internal affairs.  Now witness the results.


      One would think America would catch on… but no!!!   Today in Syria President Obama and some members of Congress from both parties are anxiously seeking involvement in that nation’s civil war.  Once again we are hearing about “no fly zones” and some sort of “military action”.   Taking sides against President Assad places the U.S. once again at odds with Russia, only Putin is not Yeltsin! In fact, part of our problem today with Putin and Russia goes back to Serbia.  Take careful note of Putin’s statements regarding Syria … he makes that perfectly clear and warns that his is NOT Yeltsin and will not be passive as this ally is attacked!

  Also, Iran must be considered.  That nation has close ties with Syria.  Do we want Iranian Republican Guards stationed near Israel about now?  China has also expressed its disapproval of violating UN procedures. They can create problems half a world away.   And who are we supporting in this mad venture…Sunni radicals and our dear friends al Qaeda.  Have we taken total leave of our senses? 

Worse, this is a rush to judgment.  There is indeed evidence that chemical weapons have been used, but who deployed them?  Would Assad be foolish enough to do such a thing just when attention was focused on him?  Why?  The question to ask is “who would most benefit from Western intervention?”   As for the weapons, did they come from Syria?  Were they manufactured in Syria?  Suppose it is discovered that they originated in Libya?  Would the U.S. be held responsible?  Even if they were manufactured in Syria, is there proof that Assad ordered the attack?   

Just like in the George Zimmerman case, there is a rush to judgment here.  Assad is accused and found guilty before a full investigation has been preformed. It more resembles the Red Queen’s judicial system in Alice in Wonderland  (execute, convict, try, then accuse).  This does not follow the established protocols of International Law.  Furthermore, why is America so interested in getting into another Middle Eastern War?  Have we learned nothing? 

  If the popular definition of insanity is: “To do the same thing over again and expect a different result.”    Then America’s foreign policy can be officially termed insane.


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