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Louisiana's Bayoubuzz offers new Google services, advertising, promotions

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Do you have a product, service or even a message  that you want a targeted audience to see, to read and to act upon?

 If so, Bayoubuzz and its publisher, Stephen Sabludowsy have some words for you--Bayoubuzz 's Business and Organizations Ads and Services.

 On Thursday, they unveiled new advertising and business services benefiting businesses, organizations and even Mr. Joe Average. 

The Ads and services combination have been designed to be both affordable and powerful, taking advantage of many of the technologies available through both new and social media.

"New media and online advertising has been moving rapidly and dramatically", said Sabludowsky.  "Thus, we have created a bundle-package that is quite affordable, fits to the needs of businesses and organizations and which takes great advantage of the new technologies of Google, online advertising, social media and promotions".  

Included in the package are web and newsletter advertorials, contextual promotions with links, traditional advertising, online videos for events and message animations.

Sabludowsky believes the ads and services, which include Google Hangouts and Google Plus, are the best way to maximize web real estate in the digital age.

"What we are able to do is to provide multiple opportunities for different industries, occassions and opportunities", Sabludowsky said.  Everyone with a product or service should be thinking how to use Google Hangouts and how to complement it with Google Plus, Google search and Youtube--the most powerful New Media combination on the Internet."

Included in the offerings are package deals and a la carte opportunities.

"We want those with interested people to use our newsletters, ad banners, text ads, hangouts, google hangouts, videos to get their out their targeted messages", he said.  "What we are offering are a full buffet of the traditional and non-traditional ways to communicate." 

Here is an overview of those offerings: 

Try any one or a combo: 

Google Services
Education Programs
Optimized Google search
E-Press conferences
Click here

Ad-Advertorial Special
Special box on every page or any page on site.
Text, audio, video, images
Let the reader click on various links within that box. 
Click here

Buzz  Advertorials
Text, video, audio or combo
Your content appears as an article on front page, on special pages and 
with killer promotions on site and newsletter
Click here

Expresso Buzz
Bursts of your message on Bayoubuzz and newsletter
(Focus: short-term)
Click here

Traditional banner ads, text ads, video, newsletters and more..
(Focus:  Long-term)
Click here

Events Videos
We create video of your event and promote it on website and newsletter 
Click here

A funny but powerful way to get out your messages
Click here

Healthcare Portal
Tell our very targeted audience how and why you are important to them.
Use any one or any part of all of the above services
Click here

All of the above offerings can include prominent spot (top placement) on the newsletters 



 Bayoubuzz's Google Service 

The "killer apps"
We can provide or teach you how to provide online meetings, webcasts,
webinars, education programs to your members and to the public at a very
reasonable cost.
Plus, you are able to get the full benefit of Google Search, 
Google Plus  and many of the other Google products

ad-specialBayoubuzz's ad-advertorial "special" 


Do you have a special message with text, multiple links, 
pictures that you want the public to see and you want great exposure to
tens of thousands? 


 expresso-macOur Expresso Buzz


Get our powerful buzz promotions for your event,
news story or congratulatory items to a powerful audience.   



Want to advertise with Bayoubuzz?

Great exposure, rates and opportunities.  Everything you want by "special" or a la carte 


Bayoubuzz Events Videos



Memorialize your galas, events and meetings with
our video service.
Terrific for promoting your future events, thanking
your sponsors and providing wonderful exposure to those who help
you make a difference. 



Bayoubuzz Cartoons for politics and businesses



Put your message into an easy to understand cartoon.  


health 1
 is the first statewide portal focuing upon health,
medicine and insurance.
Make sure you stand out in an ever-changing but critical industry.
Great sponsorship and advertising opportunities available

Contact us  now for our special low prices
Chose a la carte from all products/services




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