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ACA, Obamacare express moves on despite Jindal, Vitter, GOP opposition

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Health reformIf you happen to watch television, log on to the Internet, pick up a newspaper, or even chat with a friend, you will likely notice the increase in advertising, promotions and chat over the Affordable Care Act, or otherwise known as Obamacare.

Politically, Democrats will likely exclaim that the healthcare reform law is the best thing since sliced bread. Republicans will assert that if you like bread, forget it.  Expect crumbs, like in crummy healtcare, going forward.
Still, unless Congress and the President somehow changes its mind, defers or defunds the law which is about to go online in a matter of roughly two weeks, the way we do healthcare, medicine and even insurance will rapidly and radically change for all of us, for better or for worse.
Unquestionably, the federal government and insurance companies, even if reluctantly, will be trying to spread the word that change is here.
Others, such as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Republican US Senator David Vitter, probably would like to change the subject altogether. 
Jindal has rejected the Medicaid expansion for Louisiana and Vitter is now in a bitter snip with his fellow Congressional foes (and with even some allies) over extending Obamacare to all of the federal government including Congress, its staff and the Administration.
So, what’s the latest on healthcare reform news?
Here is some of the latest articles focusing upon this subject and don't forget to peruse our Louisiana healthcare portal:

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