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Romney, Ryan vs. Obama, Biden: Light-years apart

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romneyPending the nominating conventions, the race for the White House is all but official.  It will be Obama/Biden verses Romney/Ryan, and based on the Democratic response to the Ryan choice for Vice-President the race will continue its negative tone.

Mitt Romney has selected Paul Ryan, a Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, as his running mate.  The choice is being applauded in conservative circles and criticized by Democrats.   Surprise.  Surprise.  It gives Romney a conservative running mate who makes conservatives more comfortable with him at the top of the ticket.  It gives democrats another target to shoot at.



Paul Ryan knows the federal budget very well.  He knows the economic problems facing America and understands that the solutions will not be easy ones.  He is also well versed in foreign affairs.  Serving his seventh term in Congress, Ryan has proposed his “Plan to Prosperity” which he says will put America back on the path to economic recovery.  His plan includes spending cuts and reducing the size of the federal government, health care options for seniors, substantial cuts in corporate and personal income tax rates, and eliminating the draconian cuts in national defense that Congress passed.  His plan is a bold economic move that is being challenged by President Obama and democrats and will now be attacked and become front and center in the campaign.  Who better though to defend this plan than its author and now VP candidate, Paul Ryan?

Paul Ryan has said that he and Mitt Romney are prepared to tackle the tough issues.  The question is will they; and will Barack Obama and Joe Biden be willing to do the same thing; or will each side continue to play attack dog and hope to win the election by convincing the American people that the other guys are worse.  This is no way to elect a president.

What you won’t hear much of in this campaign is a defense of the Obama economic record and for good reason.  The unemployment rate is still too high and is expected to climb even higher later this year.  Gasoline prices are at historic highs and climbing.  Home sales remain sluggish.  Deficit spending continues, and the national debt continues to grow at an alarming rate.  The Obama economic record is a disaster.  But the Obama Team will continue to try to divide Americans along economic lines and vilify the “rich” calling for higher taxes on the wealthy to garner more votes all under the guise of fairness.

The tough issues can no longer be avoided.  We must stop deficit spending and get the national debt under control.  Federal spending must be limited to the money the government actually has.  No more borrowing to pay for everyday expenses. 

Furthermore, the world is not a safe place.  The Soviets and the Chinese are not our friends.  Iran continues down the road to nuclear capability with the assistance of the Soviets and the Chinese.  Afghanistan and Pakistan are home to the really bad guys who want to destroy our nation.  North Korea remains a threat to our allies and to us.  Two bit dictators around the world take shots at the United States, yet we often supply their countries with economic aid that does little to help those in need thanks to the dictators who oppress their people and keep them in poverty. 

The American people must make a fundamental decision in this election about the future of this country, and the path it takes.  President Obama believes in big government.  The federal government under his watch has taken over the health care industry and continues to issue more and more government regulations to control the economic activity of the country.  Do we continue down this path or do we change course and head back down the path of individual freedom which has made America great?

These are fundamental issues that must be addressed even if the candidates don’t want to specifically talk about them.  It will be up to the media, print and television, to ask tough questions and not let the candidates get away with pat answers. 

We are too deep in the hole to simply hope that the next president knows how long the rope must be to pull us out of that hole.  The American people must insist that the candidates tell us exactly what they plan on doing for the next four years to bring America back to its prominence in the world.  Voting for the next President in the dark will likely give us a much deeper hole to climb out from.

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