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Blame Obama, Congress, Tea Party and US for government shutdown, paralysis

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trash-dcGovernment shutdown: Trashy, disgusting, putrid and intolerable.

I could probably think of other words that describe what is going on in Washington DC and throughout the nation, but, these are the three that come to mind, for now.


I say “Washington DC and throughout the nation”, not simply Congress, not the White House.   I am not just talking about the stink of the trash that we can expect on the DC streets.  Obviously, I am referring to the foul-aromas coming from all of us and from all over--due to our lack of agreement over the future of this nation, on almost every issue imaginable.

Indeed,  fumes of political junk do not start nor end within the Beltway.   It permeates from the hills and dales, from the cities and towns from our parishes and counties throughout this bountiful country, America.

Our Republican, Democratic and Tea party elected officials are surely to be blamed but, they are doing our bidding.  They are following the lines we draw in the sands. 

So, while we are throwing sand, or even, yucky mud around blaming one another, let me jump into the slough spread the dirt around, even more. 

President Obama

Obama was elected President of the United States.   He should and must find whatever way possible to bring the parties together.  He should ignore the claim that John Boehner cannot deliver or that the President would be bidding against himself.  It makes no difference how irrational the other side appears to be.  The opposing sides, whether Tea Party or moderates are Americans and should be treated with respect, not  discarded with intolerance.

The Affordable Care Act

We are now able to check for ourselves whether the claims made from the right and the left have merit.  The marketplace is now available is one is lucky to get to the site online.  We can compare premiums, out of pockets, and deductibles.  However, we cannot yet compare the quality of healthcare or the costs to our economy, not until enough time passes for measurement.    If voters do not like what they now are being offered and if they believe the healthcare law is more harmful than helpful, then they can vote out the party who brought us these changes.    If, after balancing the pros and cons, Americans like what they are seeing, now that the evidence is finally in front of us, then, they can take out their wrath upon those who have spent so much time denouncing this variety of healthcare reform.

Is the healthcare law all bad as some constantly claim?  Absolutely not.  For all of those families, rich and poor,  republicans and democrats, Tea Party and no party, who have been excluded  or denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions  (in many cases due to no fault of their own), having a system in place that could save lives and families should be valued.   The truth is, the reason we are now in this predicament with a healthcare law that is so controversial, is simple.  The private sector has not done enough to  show they would be willing to provide pre-existing coverage until they were forced to do so via “healthcare reform” legislation.    Now, through the democratic process,  we now have a new set of rules.

I know we all have heard Johnny-come-lately Obamacare opponents say, oh, yes, I am now in favor of eliminating pre-existing conditions and I support  legislation to outlaw them or even legislation to provide incentives to insurance companies to make it work.   However, the truth is, they have not produced a plan.  They have not explained how they would pay for all of it, most of it or any of it.   

Tea Party

I know you are well-meaning and want this country to succeed.  However,  some of you complain that Obama and Reid won’t negotiate, yet, any time a republican tries to negotiate on almost any issue of which you oppose, you threaten them politically.  Virtually anything Obama has ever done you have opposed.


You claim the other side will not negotiate, yet, after the recent elections, you supported the idea of seceding from the Union.  

Your complaints that the law is unfair because Congress and the Administration are protected  and not the rest of us.   You claim since Washington’s premiums are partly paid for by the federal government then, we should shut down government.    You are correct that the law is unfair but your solution only adds to the misery and to our national debt.  The argument also sounds very selective and frankly, hypocritical.  Instead, let's harness this disgust and make real changes across the board so perks, add-ons, extra-payments and the like are simply the way things were done in the past.  

Where have your complaints been before all of this regarding our paying for their insurances?   For those in Congress who are screaming that the practice is so unfair—I say, ”pay back those  benefits you extracted from us from the past.   Show us that you will turn down any premium payments for the future” .  And, while you are at it, get rid of all of the perks that the rest of us do not receive.  Otherwise, it is the height of selectivity, politics and hypocrisy to focus only on Obamacare.  How convenient.  This ploy is so transparent, self-serving and should be viewed by all of us through the lens of the highest scrutiny.


Last, the Republicans (RINO'S) and Democrats (DUMBOS) Who have been willing to listen to the other side’s arguments, let us hope you will continue to do so when the voices are stronger in support or against the Affordable Care Act--once we have real evidence in place, So far, unfortunately, all we have heard from you, no matter how well-meaning you have been on this issue is "rank fortune-telling filtered through partisanship".   

Our kids and our country are depending upon the way that that we handle the future of healthcare, our governmental services and our paying of our bills.   The heart and soul of this nation lies before our sober feet. We have a chance to make it right.  But, first, above all, we must make it honest.

Stephen Sabludowsky



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