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Balanced Budget Amendment Fails, Sen. Landrieu Votes Against

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U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., released the following statement after two votes today in the Senate today on competing balanced budget amendment proposals. Sen. Landrieu voted against both proposals blandrieuecause she believes Congress should take quick and substantive action on the deficit. The proposals considered by the Senate, both of which were defeated, would not require a balanced budget until at least five years after approval by the states:

 “While it was difficult, I have voted for more than $43 billion in cuts over the last two years, and I continue to support comprehensive deficit reduction that includes new revenues and additional spending cuts. However, voting for a balanced budget amendment that wouldn’t even take effect until five years after passage by the states is too easy a way out for members of Congress. We must roll up our sleeves now and do the hard work necessary to set our budget into balance. I urge proponents of a balanced budget amendment to stop talking the talk and start doing the work required to reduce the deficit.”

 The Senate first defeated a version by Democrat Mark Udall of Colorado dispensed with a version offered by Democrat Mark Udall of Colorado.  That version only received 21 votes.  The second version, offered by Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) lost 47-53.  

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