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GOP lost senses over default and Obamascam

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aca-health error It is patently obvious that House Republicans have taken leave of their senses.   They have placed the nation in a dangerous economic posture over their refusal to fund “ObamaCare” which is a losing battle.  Worse, they have allowed Democrats and the President to place them in a no-win situation by holding them accountable for any problems that may arise. 


The simple fact is President Obama and the Democratic leadership holds the losing hand because the American people will pay the price for their follies. 

House Republicans should have taken the position that it is their responsibility to maintain the fiscal stability of the nation.  That requires cutting unnecessary programs to reduce the national debt (free cell phones, etc.).   If the President wants to fund ObamaCare, let him do so.  But structure the argument so that people realize that he cannot plunge the nation deeper into debt.  Fund ObamaCare at its “original cost estimate” then deduct a like amount from the rest of the entitlement budget. That is only reasonable. 

That would force the President and his allies to make a choice.  Fund a new medical entitlement at the expense of other programs or let it die to protect other programs.   He cannot have it both ways because that would increase the national debt to unfathomable levels.  Already the debt is gone from $10 Trillion to $17 Trillion in just five years and they want to raise the debt limit! ObamaCare promises to add another $2 Trillion over the next decade. 

Republicans would then appear reasonable and responsible instead of casting the image of intransigent obstructionists. 

As for ObamaCare itself…it will fail.    The program is dependent upon bleeding the young.  It “mandates” young people to sign up to cover the expenses of the old, the uninsured, and the sick.  This was done on top of expecting the young to cover the future costs of the National Debt.  He has declared economic war on the next generation. 

Consider.  IF you are young and healthy you have very little need for healthcare.  Likely, your total yearly medical expenses will seldom exceed $500 dollars.  Mine didn’t at that age because I seldom went to a doctor.  However, under ObamaCare young people will be forced to pay between $100 and $200 per month for insurance they likely will never use.    

Under the plan, a healthy young person will spend nearly $2,400 per year in insurance costs or suffer fines while having to pay $2,400 in deductible expenses.  That adds up to potentially $4,800 per year in costs BEFORE ever receiving a penny in insurance. They don’t have real insurance; they are paying the tab for others. 

Making matters worse, the most recent trend in medical billing requires payment of deductibles in advance of treatment, not after when a bill arrives.  They have to pre-pay out of pocket $2,400.   Net result:  it would be cheaper for most of them to just pay cash for treatment. 

ObamaCare is a scam on the young much like the President’s yearly deficits.  In both instances the next generation must pick up the tab for their parent’s reckless actions. 

At some point young people will wake up and realize that they have been fed an unhealthy dose of “Progressive Propaganda.”  They are paying to implement programs from which they will never benefit.  The nation will be too broke to fund them.  Democrats are savaging our children on the altar of a bankrupt liberal agenda and Republicans are too incompetent to properly couch the argument or comprehend the nation’s real needs. 

 Maddening …totally maddening.  If one positive thing comes out of this, perhaps Independent voters will move America past the two party state and open the door for real significant “Change”.   Not merely an election year slogan for repeating the crimes of the past…but real CHANGE!!!

by award-winning columnist, Ron Chapman, St. Bernard college professor and businessman


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