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Tea Party and US anger management, Jindal's next gig, hurting Cassidy?

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teapartyThe national crises has been deferred for now until 2014.

With your permission, I am posting below a slightly edited Facebook post that i wrote early this morning.


I think the Tea Party are great Americans. However, at this, I believe the country has turned against them. They actually helped Obama win the second term by both their rhetoric. The demography is only hurting them--day after day. In this case, accepting the numbers being presented, the country lost 20 billion due to this "Cruz-down". Using the same logic that one should fight for what they believe in at all costs is great...most of us would love to remove Assad or shut down his chemical operation, but as I recall, as a country we decided it was not practicable. I know the Tea Party felt that way. 20 billion..that would be roughly the amount of the tax on medical devices that was being fought over. $20 billion or so is the amount of a state budget such as Louisiana's. The Tea Party and the GOP got zero--only division, recrimination and threats. As far as Vitter, etc., I agree with him but I hope he and others stop taking perks that we do not get. I hope they return to us the money they receive to help pay their insurances in the past. I know my comments seem harsh and they are not meant to be. Again, I think the only way we are going to get out of this vicious cycle is if all of us give up something we really treasure..we all must take a financial hit. We should lead by our logic, not our emotions....perhaps our country ought to go get a heavy dose of pain management, because what we are doing, clearly is not working.
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Stephen Sabludowsky I actually meant anger management..but pain management would help too!!

Jindal's Presidential talk stoked

Today, the Times Picayune's Lauren McGaughy wrote an article updating us about recent developments in the Jindal camp.  Apparently, the Governor has plans for his future, well, perhaps: 

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's launching of a conservative nonprofit is reigniting speculation that he's positioning himself for a possible run at the White House.
Jindal said the nonprofit, called "America Next," will focus on articulating a national conservative strategy, ala Margaret Thatcher, and avoid getting involved in individual elections. Perhaps, but the announcement has restarted chatter that the Baton Rouge native might make a run for the presidency in 2016.
He has been largely mute on his national ambitions since February, when he told Fox & Friends anyone considering a run at that time should "get their head examined." But in a rare diversion from his usual talking points Wednesday, Jindal told POLITICO he hadn't made a final decision on a run for the top job.
"I don't know if I'm going to run for president or not," he said in the interview.

(click on the link for the rest of the story)


And the numbers say..

And now from Ron Faucheaux to tell us how the world is polling including an important Louisiana election:


(up 1 from yesterday; up 1 from a week ago)

Reagan at this point: 62%
Clinton at this point: 59%
Bush at this point: 39%

(among voters nationwide)
Average of 2 polls:
• Right direction 14%
• Wrong tack 78%

SENATE: 2014**
(among likely voters statewide; D polls)
Sen. Mark Pryor (D) over Tom Cotton (R) +3
Sen. Michelle Nunn (D) and Generic Republican EVEN
Sen. Bruce Braley (D) over Generic Republican +4
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) over Bill Cassidy (R) +7
Sen. Gary Peters (D) over Terri Lynn Land (R) +7
North Carolina:
Sen. Kay Hagan (D) over Generic Republican (R) +5

(among likely voters statewide; R poll)
Shelley Moore Capito (R) over Natalie Tennant (D) +17

(among likely voters statewide)
Democratic primary:
Anthony G. Brown 41%
Douglas Gansler 21%
Heather Mizeur 5%
Undecided 33%
Gov. O'Malley's (D) job rating:
48% approve, 48% disapprove

Presidential job rating average based on the two most recently reported nationwide polls.
Historic comparisons based on nearest chronological data points from Gallup polls.
* The Economist/YouGov, Oct. 12-14; Rasmussen, Oct. 7-13
** PPP (D), Oct. 14-15
*** Harper Polling (R) for American Crossroads, Sept. 24-25
**** Gonzales Research & Marketing Strategies, Oct. 1-14
D poll = conducted by organization generally associated with Democrats
R poll = conducted by organization generally associated with Republicanss

The Demo Bash

The Democrats are bashing Congressman Bill Cassidy for his vote Wednesday night.  Cassidy could face at least two challengers on the right next year.  Currently, only Ron Maness, Tea Party favorite, is officially running but the name Seabaugh has been hitting the Internet circuits.  Here is the latest from the Louisiana Democratic Party.   My question..does this email from the demos hurt or help Cassidy?

Bill Cassidy should be ashamed of recklessly and irresponsibly voting to continue his government shutdown and send the U.S. economy into default last night. Cassidy’s shutdown hurt Louisiana’s economy and wasted taxpayer dollars for more than two weeks and had devastating effects for hard-working families across the state. Bill Cassidy could have ended his shutdown weeks ago instead of voting 6 times to shut down the government including once to default, but chose to put his reckless partisanship ahead of what was best for his constituents by holding the government and the economy hostage and putting the full faith and credit of the United States at risk.

Cassidy’s recklessness and irresponsibility forecasts major problems for him in 2014. The backlash directed at Bill Cassidy for his government shutdown has already begun, with a new poll showing Louisiana voters overwhelmingly disapprove of Cassidy's shutdown, and that Cassidy trails Mary Landrieu by 7, but when voters are informed Cassidy is pro shutdown, his deficit jumps to double digits.
Bill Cassidy’s government shutdown cost the economy at least $24 billion dollars and shaved 0.6% off the nation’s economic growth. Had Cassidy’s default become a reality, it would have caused devastating effects in all sectors of the economy, horrible consequences for Louisiana families and businesses, and put the full faith and credit of the United States at risk.
“Bill Cassidy shamefully voted to not only continue the government shut down that hurt Louisiana’s economy and wasted taxpayer dollars, but to allow the U.S. to default on its debt for the first time in history, and his recklessness and irresponsibility has no place in elected office let alone the U.S. Senate, said Justin Barasky, as spokesman at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, “Bill Cassidy had countless opportunities to end his reckless and irresponsible government shutdown but instead he voted repeatedly to continue it, failing to do the right thing for Louisiana and putting partisanship ahead of what’s best for his constituents and the country. In 2014, Louisianians will remember that Bill Cassidy had no interest in fighting for them in Washington.”
Throughout the shutdown, poll after poll showed that Americans blamed the GOP. An NBC/WSJ poll last week showed the Republican party with a record low 24% approval rating. 70% of Americans said Republicans were putting their own politics before the good of the country during the shutdown debate.
The DSCC’s “GOP Shutdown Watch” campaign highlighted Republican Senate candidates across the country who were behind the push for a government shutdown and the devastating consequences it had on voters in their home states. The DSCC’s sustained campaign will featured web-ads, online ads, Twitter and Facebook, and up to the minute “GOP Shutdown Watch” news alerts, highlighting the latest developments in the Republican government shutdown.

Jindal's plan showing good health

Today, the Jindal PR campaign sent out an email promoting a recent article  in support of the controversial but revolutionary (at least for Louisiana) health care reform.  So, in case you missed it, here it is:

Chamber wants milleage for education


Jefferson Parish is one of the most conservative in the state.  A millage vote is set for Saturday.  Here's what the Jefferson Chamber has sent out:

The Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, along with various business and civic organizations, urge citizens to vote yes this Saturday, October 19th for the parish and public school system's tax renewals.

The three millages include:

School Board Millage Renewal
Consolidated Sewerage District #1
Consolidated Waterworks District #1

“The continuation of millages in Jefferson Parish include those for ongoing operation and maintenance to the sewer treatment system and water treatment plants,” said Todd Murphy, Jefferson Chamber President. “The renewal for the Jefferson Parish Public School System will help continue the momentum of positive performance indicators in our public schools. Our system has shown vast improvements in just two years, while demonstrating sound fiscal stewardship. All three millages will continue the progress in Jefferson Parish, and we want to emphasize that these are not new taxes.”

Business and civic organizations in support of the three millages include:

Bureau of Governmental Research
East Jefferson Business Association
Elmwood Business Association
Harvey Canal Industrial Association
Jefferson Business Council
Jefferson Chamber of Commerce
Kenner Professional Business Association
Political Action Committee of the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce
Stand for Children
Stop the Tolls

The continuation of millages for water, sewer, and schools will be on the ballot on Saturday, October 19th. The polls will be open from7am – 8pm. Please visit to view sample ballots and to find where to vote on election day.

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