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WTC building negotiations at center of New Orleans rebirth

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wtcSlightly over eight years since Hurricane Katrina, the City of New Orleans is going through a redevelopment and construction explosion of opportunities and  a social renaissance. However this incredible growth is not without its share of conflicts.


One of those areas is the downtown-Mid City region where the University Medical Center Complex is revitalizing a critical section of the city.

There is also significant debate over what New Orleans can and will do with the now-shuttered charity hospital on Tulane Avenue.

In part 3 PM of a multipart series with reporter Tyler Bridges of The Lens  website,  the writer discussed the recent requests for proposals to redevelop World Trade Center which sits on prime property at the foot of the Mississippi River and Canal Street.  That building has essentially been vacant for over a decade.

During the interview, Bridges discussed along with formal state lawmaker Jim Brown and Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky, one of his recent articles which reveals a possible windfall for the entity that currently has a rights to redevelop the WTC building.

As Bridges discusses, New Orleans has major decisions to make regarding that WTC redevelopment--especially given the tremendous changes being made along the historic New Orleans banks of the the mighty Mississippi.

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