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Tea-Party backed Maness camp responds to "Landrieu-slavery" controversy

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maness 6Did Rob Maness, a Tea Party-backed candidate for U.S. Senate imply that Mary Landrieu would have supported slavery?


No, said his spokesperson, who responded to an Slate article posted on Bayoubuzz on Tuesday.

The slate article said, “Rob Maness, a Tea Party-backed candidate who is seeking to be the Louisiana GOP’s nominee for the U.S. Senate, recently implied that incumbent Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu would have supported slavery — and opposed women’s rights — were she alive during the late 18th century, according toa report from ThinkProgress.

Speaking in front of a conservative audience, Maness implicitly argued that Landrieu’s reference to other senators’ “obnoxious” behavior meant that the Louisiana senator considered all unpopular opinions to be similarly distasteful.”

The spokesperson said in an email reply”

For anyone to interpret this as a suggestion that our opponent would've supported slavery or opposed women's rights is patently absurd, and is illustrative of the liberal logic that cripples public policy and inhibits meaningful discourse.  Col. Maness' meaning was quite clear: He agrees with Sen. Landrieu that being "obnoxious" to effect positive change is often necessary, but he thinks it is necessary now.  We need "obnoxious" leadership in the Senate, the kind that bucks the establishment of Washington insiders, that takes a stand for limited government and individual liberty, and that results in a restoration of constitutional principles -- obnoxious and radical notions in the Washington bubble, particularly on the Left.  Sen. Landrieu used the word "obnoxious" derisively towards those who rock the boat; Col. Maness believes leaders who are willing to stand up are the ones who stand out, and he will be that kind of senator.  That said, Col. Maness spent 32 years in uniform defending our First Amendment rights and the writer is welcome to voice his opinions, however misguided they might be."

James Hartman

Here is the copy of the statement by Maness and a link to a video clip of his statement:

Not long ago, my Democratic opponent, Mary Landrieu, stood on the floor of the US Senate and infamously declared  that it was “really sad” that “The better behaved you are, the quieter you are, the more team player you are, you don’t get anything,” Then she said, “The only way you get something is to become obnoxious.”

On this subject alone, I couldn’t agree with Mary Landrieu more. We need more senators who are willing to be “obnoxious” – not to “GET” things, but to GET things DONE.  


If we’d had “team players” in 1776, we wouldn’t have had a Declaration of Independence and we wouldn’t have our freedoms.


Had President Lincoln been “quiet,” we’d still have slavery.  Had women like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton sat at home, women would still not have the right to vote.

If Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. had been “better behaved,” we’d still be facing the shame of segregation.


Today, we face a new fight for the very soul of these United States and we aren’t going to be well-behaved.  Our basic freedoms and liberties and our own US Constitution are under attack by the politicians we elect in the Government we fund.


We need more bold, passionate leadership – and if anyone wants to call it “obnoxious,” then I will proudly wear that label.


You see, I’ve stood up my entire life for freedom, and I haven’t done it quietly.  I’m not about to sit down now and be a Team Player when we are literally in a battle for the very soul of these United States of America


If you are like me, you’ve had enough of politicians getting up in front of a crowd and talking AT us -- telling us what’s wrong with the country, as if it’s our fault, and of course, not taking any responsibility for it themselves… not sharing solid ideas on how to fix it, and advancing an agenda of more big government – and more failures.

Today, I’m not here to talk AT you; I’m here to walk with you, and to have a conversation about our country’s future and what we can do about it together. You and I, we are in this together.


Some of you may not know me yet because I’m NOT a politician – but I’ve only started to be obnoxious.  I am the DISRUPTIVE CANDIDATE Erick is searching for in Louisiana, and before I start talking about the obnoxious things our Senator SHOULD be addressing, let me tell you just a few things about myself.


My  wife Candy and I have been blessed with 5 children and 2 grandchildren.


We’ve got a dog named Lady Abigail —named after the outspoken First Lady Abigail Adams.  Senator Landrieu might have called Mrs. Adams “obnoxious,” since she was opposed to slavery and favored women’s rights when both were unpopular ideas.

I come from a legacy of service; my Maness family ancestors fought to gain our country’s freedom in the Revolutionary War and we’ve been fighting ever since to protect those freedoms.

I enlisted in the United States Air Force at age 17 and spent 32 years proudly wearing our country’s uniform. I retired as a Colonel and as Wing Commander of Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico.


Candy and I have two sons continuing our family’s tradition of military service and we are so proud of them.  We pray daily for their safety and for the safety of all men and women serving in uniform – and I know you do, too.


We are Louisianans. I served in 21 different locations all over the world during my time in the Air Force, twice in Louisiana, and we knew this is where we’d put down our roots when I put away my uniform.


We love the culture, the spirit, the food, the history, the diversity, and the way Louisiana embraces life and freedom – two things we cherish deeply.


I never wanted to run for office, but I have always served.  I have never pursued public office, but I have always led.  

So when we got back to Louisiana, entering politics wasn’t on our radar screen. We were focused on finishing Candy’s breast cancer treatments and surgery, and settling the family into our permanent community and hometown. But, the more that we read and watched the news, the more we feared for our future, our children’s future, our grandchildren’s future.


Visiting with our friends and neighbors, we realized we weren’t the only ones with fear growing in our hearts.


Looking at the candidates in our Senate race in Louisiana, concerns grew. Senator Landrieu has voted with President Obama more than 95% of the time. When I told Candy that, she said, “Rob, WE don’t even agree 95% of the time.”


Our exploding national debt, the invasion of our personal privacy, out-of-control spending, using Government agencies to intimidate freedom of speech, attempts to limit our right to bear arms…


The very freedoms that we have all fought for, that I have personally fought for, are under attack … and we can no longer tolerate Washington-insider politicians who compromise away our most basic rights for their own political gain.


Our basic principles – and the Constitution -- are under attack, and the candidates in this race are either incapable of defending them, or lack the will to do so.

So I’m enlisting again, and just like I did 34 years ago, I’m solemnly swearing that if elected your United States Senator, I WILL support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. So help me God.


How are we going to do this? It’s simple. We get back to the basics (pull out US Constitution). We return to this document, which has been our supreme law for 224 years. We get Washington to follow this, and we get them off the addictions of personal gain and ego.


In my 32 years in the Air Force, I spent a lot of time looking at radar screens, searching for targets. Let me point out some targets that are now on my radar screen, and what we can do about them.


The 1st Amendment – Freedom of Speech -- is all but gone.

The Obama Administration has again turned the IRS into armed attack dogs, auditing political opponents for speaking out against them.

Senator Landrieu, by the way, has not exercised her freedom of speech on this issue. She’s been silent – perhaps exercising her 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination.


If all of us here work together we can make a difference.  In the Senate, I’ll fight to audit the IRS – and then abolish it altogether. And while we’re at it – let’s simplify the tax code so it’s something we can all understand, not written in the strange language they seem to speak only in Washington.


The 1st Amendment rights that protect our freedom of religion are also being compromised, whittled away while they THINK we’re not looking.  I’ll fight to restore those rights, to ensure freedom of religion – for our servicemen and women, for our school children, and for all of us.


I’m a huge believer in our 2nd amendment – the right to bear arms.  Like everyone, I’m horrified by the stories of violent crime that seem to occupy every newscast, every day.  But what bothers me more is that Washington is focused on the weapons criminals use instead of seeking the root of the crime – a culture of violence.

Trying to ban guns to save lives is like outlawing forks to stop obesity. To curb violence, we need to promote, re-build and sustain a culture that cherishes all life as precious.


Another target on my radar is that very “culture of LIFE” that we have to rebuild.  That starts with the lives of the most innocent – the unborn. My youngest grandson was born last summer at 28 weeks, and weighing only 2 lbs, 5 oz.  He was not and is not a mere collection of cells to be discarded for convenience.  He was and is a human being – a life – created by God and endowed with the same inalienable rights as the rest of us. And today, 13 months later, Kellan is a healthy baby eager to walk and happy to play with his big brother.


Senator Landrieu is going to tell you in this election she’s pro-life. Listen to what she says here, but look at how she votes in Washington – it’s a liberal, pro-choice agenda and she’s supported by groups who promote abortion at virtually any age and at any cost.  Even now, just a few miles from here in this city governed by Mary Landrieu’s brother, Planned Parenthood is building what will be the largest abortion clinic in Louisiana.  Where is Pro-Life Mary Landrieu now?  The protection of the so-called right to kill innocent children has to stop – not just in the Senate but in the very culture in which we live.


I’ve got my eyes on a target called “pork.”  Now, I love good Louisiana food and good Southern cooking.  But the barbecue for which Tennessee and the Carolinas are famous and the Cochon du Lait we savor here in Louisiana are not the kinds of pork I’m talking about.  

I’m fed up with lawmakers who sell their votes on wasteful spending or government over-regulation in the interest of bringing home the bacon.  Senator Landrieu is going to be out here touting all the projects and pork she brought back home to us little folks in Louisiana.


Now, in fairness and in this regard, she HAS accomplished a lot – Louisiana is among the top ten states receiving money from the Federal government. We need to remind her that there is no such thing as free money, and that the federal money she is proud to have brought home to Louisiana came out of taxpayers’ pockets to begin with.

Louisiana is also on another “top ten” list – the top ten states where citizens pay the highest taxes.


So, all these projects and money our current elected officials are bragging about…  it’s OUR money.  And the more they bring back, the more we pay.


I have my eyes on the target of personal freedom and economic freedom, too.  It’s about who you trust. Our Senator, my opponent, trusts her neighbors and colleagues in Washington. I trust the people of Louisiana and of the United States.  I trust US to make the best decisions for what matters most – in our homes, our schools, our communities.  I do NOT trust Congress to tell us how to live, how to spend, and how to seek healthcare.


In Louisiana, if we’ve got a gator in our backyard, we might shoot it and serve it for dinner. Can you imagine if we called Washington to deal with it? They’d send down bureaucrats to study it for two years, put together some plans to deal with it, then study it some more, and in the meantime the gator will have eaten your dogs and started on the neighbor’s cat.


That’s what’s been happening, and people are starting to see it.  People like you are leading the way.  Government has become too big, too powerful, too over-reaching, and way too expensive.  It has got to stop.


The people of St. Tammany Parish, where Candy and I live, know best how to spend our money --not Washington.  In north Louisiana in Union Parish, Tensas Parish, Bossier Parish – the people know best how to spend their money -- not Washington.


In Cameron Parish, Pointe Coupee Parish, Ouachita, Ascension, Plaquemines, St. Charles, St. John, Livingston, Vernon Parishes … WE THE PEOPLE know best how to spend our money -- not Washington.

I’ll fight to return control to the states, to return decision-making on healthcare and education to us here at home, and take it away from those who live in D.C.  Heck, even the Supreme Court just agreed that states rights are paramount.


We don’t have enough time today to talk about all the constitutional issues with The Unaffordable Care Act– on which Senator Landrieu was the deciding vote, thanks to a backroom deal. Let’s just say this – Candy and I have been on government healthcare. It’s part of the reason we left the military. Candy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the summer of 2011. We had access to healthcare – government-run healthcare – but we knew that to return Candy’s life to normal, we needed the quality of care that only comes in the private sector.  That should tell you something.  No … that should tell you A LOT.


So today, I am the only candidate for Senate in Louisiana – Republican or Democrat – to stand with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans to pledge to repeal and defund Obamacare.  I encourage you to visit the Senate Conservatives Fund website – -- and add your name to the growing list of Americans who trust their themselves and their doctors more than the IRS to make their own healthcare decisions.  

I’m a firm believer in helping people.  I do not and cannot turn a blind eye to those who are sick, suffering, impoverished or in need.  But I KNOW, as surely as I’m standing here, that the answers to those problems don’t come from beneath the Capitol Rotunda, but from the people whose lives are most affected.  The answers are here.  The opportunities are here.  Government needs to get out of the way.


Ronald Reagan once said, “Some of the scariest words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”  


So let’s join together and repeal The Unaffordable Care Act. Medical decisions should be between us and our doctors.  WE THE PEOPLE – and not IRS agents -- should decide the best course for our healthcare.  This is part of freedom, too.


One last thing – I’ll always stand up for my fellow veterans. What better way to ensure the rights and freedoms of our veterans by sending myself, a serviceman of 32 years to put Washington in its place.


Every day, we should each thank a vet. Are there any of my fellow veterans here? I give you my word: I will not forget about you in Washington and will always be an advocate for my fellow veterans and their families.


Now, I just want to point out a few things that separate me from the politicians in this race:


Both the Maness family & the Landrieu family have spent their lives in public service. The Landrieu family has spent their lives in politics; the Maness family has spent our lives in the military.


It’s amazing how two different families, both serving the same nation, end up with vastly different fortunes. For instance, Candy and I live in a small town here in Louisiana.  The Senator lives in a mansion in Washington DC.  We don’t need a mansion and we don’t want one.  I just want to continue fighting for our liberty.


My opponents supported the largest tax increase in the history of our country. I will never vote for a tax increase – ever.


I will stand in bold contrast with the big government program solutions of liberalism and advocate our Conservative ideas, which will light the way out of the dark pit of big government failures in which we now find ourselves.


I will dare to be disrespectful to the establishment powerbrokers and insist that we the people deserve better.  I will dare to be OBNOXIOUS.


Bobby Kennedy once said, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”


Well, Candy and I are joining with you to “achieve greatly” and make a difference


I’ve been called a lot of things for having the “audacity” to think an American with no political experience and no deep pockets, can make this difference.


They say the only way to get elected is to be “rich or corrupt” but I’m testing the theory. If they laugh at us – at our crusade to restore liberty -- I’ll know that we’re on the right track.  I’ll look forward to it as we visit all 64 parishes and take our message to every corner of this state, to every resident who will listen – Republican or Democrat, man or woman, young or old, black or white, rich or poor.  I know this is going to take a lot of hard work, a lot of time, and a lot of support from people like you – and I am making the commitment to put in the work that is required.   I am now a full-time candidate, and I intend to make the most of every day, meeting as many people as I can, listening to their needs and concerns and sharing with them our vision for Louisiana.  It’s a lot to do, going up against opponents with millions of dollars.  But I’ve got my principles.  I’ve got my truck.  I’ve got growing support.  And those are the only things I need to keep moving ahead.

Standing on a battlefield, President Lincoln sought to unite a country under a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”  I am not fighting for a Senate seat, but for our state, and for our country.


The Constitution I swore to defend, the constitution I’m running to restore, starts with the words “WE THE PEOPLE”. If WE THE PEOPLE unite, we can restore our freedoms. If WE THE PEOPLE take a stand, we can protect our future. If WE THE PEOPLE vote on November 4th, 2014, we THE PEOPLE will win.


Just by having this conversation, we’re taking a step towards improving this country we love. I want to stick around, shake your hands, look in your eyes and promise you I’ll stay true in Washington.  

I’m Rob Maness, and I’m running for the United States Senate. I am asking for your support, your prayers, and your vote.  


Bayoubuzz Staff

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