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Might Obama’s insurance promise, or lie, keep Landrieu from Senate spot?

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obama-nixonWith tens of thousands of Louisiana citizens being told they will soon be without healthcare insurance, questions are being raised such as--how in the world has this occurred and who should be blamed?  


As asked during the Watergate days of Richard Nixon--"what did they know and when did they know it"?  Surely President Obama and his administration are being blasted for this disaster caused by nsurance companies terminating policies that have been in force for months or for many, for a few years.  But,  how far and to how many directions should the fingers point?

Also, politically, how will the recent and growing controversy play out in the fall of 2014, when Louisiana voters go to cast ballots for the next US Senator?   With the site, for now, a technological and public-relations mess, with sticker-shock abound, with policy-terminations multiplying--how badly will this hurt the current US Senator Democrat Mary Landrieu?  Landrieu, the only Democratic statewide official is being challenged by two republicans, Congressman Bill Cassidy and Rob Maness, a Tea Party favorite.

Perhaps even more troubling for many across the nation is whether President Obama  is  now to be believed for his over-thirty public statements that--if families like their doctors and their insurance policies, they  can keep them under the Affordable Care Act, aka, Obamacare.   Because of those statements,  many throughout  the nation are claiming Obama lied.  So, did he?

These are some of the issues Jeff Crouere and and Bayoubuzz Publisher discussed Tuesday morning on Crouere’s ringsidepolitics radio talk show.

Listen to part I of this “testy” exchange focused upon the upcoming US Senate race and the “Lie”. 

Tomorrow: Part 2

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