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Obama extends insurance policies: A Louisiana & US woes are us Hangout

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kick-the-can2A health insurance woe is me.  Or, how did we get into this mess.  Better yet, what do we do to get out of it?

Those are the questions discussed in a lively Google Hangout today, moments after President Obama proposed a solution to the immediate crises of insurance policy cancellations.


The controversy affects not just the health and welfare of thousands of insureds in Louisiana, but it also seriously impacts the upcoming US Senate Race in Louisiana and elsewhere.  Democratic Louisiana U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu  who played a very controversial and pivotal role during the passing of the Affordable Care Act legislation,  has offered a legislative solution that would indefinitely extend the that are being terminated. 

In the press conference Thursday morning, the President, has offered the same opportunities, but limited to a one-year extension. 

Former Louisiana insurance commissioner Jim Brown,  ex-Jefferson Parish Assessor and political consultant Lawrence Chehardy and Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky engaged in the Google Hangout to discuss these explosive issues and how to fix the problems impacting millions, if possible.  In addition, questions were raised how the current tentative solution will further affect Louisiana insureds, the uninsured, businesses and the various government agencies, locally and nationally, that now need to respond and readjust.

Among other questions, Brown raised questions as to whether Obama, by his decision today,  has not put the insurance commissioners, especially the Republican commissioners,  in a position  of filing lawsuits against the federal government challenging the extension which could result in another legal delay. 

Chehardy, felt that both the Republicans and Democrats failed and that President Obama has simply kicked the can down the road, once again.

Sabludowsky questioned whether this development puts the Insurance Companies in a position to offer policies, alternatives and solutions to the underlying problem—inadequate protections in the insurance marketplace.

Watch this “exciting but insightful” Google hangout involving three attorneys, two of them former government officials—one a state regulator of insurance as they discussed the woes and ways through Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act.

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Here is Part I focusing upon the potential lawsuits

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