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Katrina, plus eight: New Orleans area sitting pretty

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new-orleans-tourismImagine a major US metropolitan area suffering from high crime rates , pot holes pocking many streets, an education system that for years has been on life support and a political climate that has been the fertile subject of many jokes—now get good marks from its own inhabitants?

Sounds incredulous, doesn't it? 

Now, what if I told you that this city roughly eight years and two months ago, was essentially under water and was being hung on the clothes line to dry--basically being written off as the late, great international city, called New Orleans.

I know.  I bet you would think I had way too many hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s.

Well, no.  According to Professor Ed Chervenak of the University of New Orleans, the city and actually, the two-parish region (Orleans and Jefferson Parish) are now sitting high and dry both literally and in the minds  of the people who matter the most, the area’s residents.

In general, the survey shows that the citizens of New Orleans are satisfied with life, are more optimistic about the city’s future, feels it  is a good place to live. 

In short, the state of the city is rather good.

And apparently, these favorable are not skewed simply because the Saints are  leading its division, either.  

In Part I of a multi-part Google Hangout Interview series, Chevernak and I discuss these amazing numbers and results.

Tomorrow—Part 2: By at the numbers

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