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Dirty Saints vs. Dirty Birds Falcons This Week On MNF

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payton2Is it the “Dirty Saints” vs. “Dirty Birds” on Monday Night Football (MNF)?

Atlanta and the New Orleans Saints next week for their end of the year playoff-impacting showdown, and the Atlanta Falcons are known as the “Dirty Birds” dating back to the 1999 Super Bowl-bound romp.

But, the “Dirty Saints”?  Somehow, I think it's an Oxymoron, right?

Well, but  if you look around the NFL news of the day, you might begin to think that those bag-over-the-heads "Saintly Saints" are transforming themselves into the alter-ego "Dirty Saints" of 2011 under Super Bowl coach Sean Payton.     

 According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson says he thinks the New Orleans Saints were purposely trying to injure his sprained left ankle in their game on Sunday.

Peterson had 10 carries for 60 yards against the Saints after missing the previous three weeks with a high ankle sprain. Peterson said after the game he expected the defensive players to target his ankle while trying to bring him down.

But he also says he took particular offense to one play when cornerback Jabari Greer twisted his ankle in a pile up.

Peterson says he confronted Greer because he thought that "it kind of got overboard."

Peterson said he didn't injure the ankle anymore in the 42-20 loss.

Bleacher Report is asking if the Saints are the NFL’s dirtiest team.

Then, last week, there was the blast against the Saints because of a blast of a whistle.   

McCondichie, who put a microphone on offensive lineman Michael Ross during the matchup, said, via ESPN:

"During the game we heard this whistle blowing, but they weren't stopping the game, they just kept playing. They were loud enough for me to hear it on the microphone on him. They were all trying to figure out why play continued. I asked them if they knew where it came from and they said the New Orleans bench. Nobody saw it, but it was pretty loud and it was definitely a whistle."

On top of that, Titans receiver Nate Washington accused Saints veteran safety Roman Harper of being a dirty player after Harper prevented Damian Williams from scoring by pulling his facemask.

Said Washington:

"Honestly, he's a dirty player. We watched film on him, he's dirty. And I don't appreciate it, I'm going to step out in public and say it: He's dirty."


Now, from dirty to power…according to SB Nation


“With that, onto the week 16 power ranks.


1) Green Bay Packers - There's a reason only two teams have ever made it through the regular season undefeated. It's really hard to do and most of the time, a team will lose a fluke game. That's what happened to the Pack. However, the injuries to the offensive line are a real concern. LW (1)

2) New England Patriots - They walked into Denver and just stomped all over the Tebowmentum. LW (2)


3) New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees is only one below average game away from breaking Dan Marino's single season yards record. (LW 3)

4) San Francisco 49ers - Got back on track with a defensive dismantling of the Steelers.(LW 7)”


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