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Who else is dreaming of Internet and entrepreneurship?

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Global-Entrepreneurship-Week-LogoI have often been called a dreamer.

When I first got involved with the Internet in 1990, back in the days when there was only Delphi, Compuserve and a few others services,  I began to imagine just how this incredible revolutionary technology could impact my own career,  my community and our world.


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I admit, I became possessed with technology and reinvented myself.

After a decade of teaching attorneys, writing for numerous publications, lecturing in Berlin, doing a daily radio minute, teaching E-commerce at Tulane and Loyola Universities (and practicing law), I embarked upon a new journey, to create an online publication which could hopefully advance the future of my city and state and to help others.

As a result, my online publication, Bayoubuzz was born.

I had a goal for  Louisiana and my own region New Orleans missed the first journey through cyberspace.   If we even made it to the electronic superhighway, we crashed against a cement wall.  Louisiana technology was an oxymoron.   Businesses were shutting, our youth were fleeing  and basically online entrepreneurship did not exist.

While our region was receiving drops of venture capital, other venues were awash with billions of dollars of angel funding and investment opportunities.


Watch the video of the interview  


While publishing Bayoubuzz, I envisioned a way to help the Louisiana community grow.  With the help of various New Orleans and Louisiana government officials,  the economic development agency Greater New Orleans Inc and others,  we developed and enacted through the legislature what is generally called the Digital Media Law.  The law, patterned after the successful film incentive program, allows handsome tax credits for production of digital media in Louisiana.

Then came Hurricane Katrina which drowned so many of our dreams and hopes.   For roughly three years, the almost exclusive focus for so many of us down here in South Louisiana was rebuilding neighborhoods, infrastructure and yes, careers.

We survived.

So did the Digital media law which I, along with the Jindal administration and with Michael Hecht of  GNOInc at the lead, helped to expand the law to cover so much more of the new technologies being developed.  

As a result of those efforts and the contributions of so many who refused to stop visualizing a better technology-entrepreneurship community in Louisiana such as Idea Village, the state and New Orleans region are hotbeds for young minds offering their entrepreneurial ideas and talents .  Thus,  our state and our metropolitan area is being recognized by national publications as one of the top places to be if you have the entrepreneurship spirit.

On Tuesday November 26, I am honored to  discuss my own experiences,  my view of the evolution of the Internet,  changes in publishing,  legal and other community landscapes over the past 23 years  in a Google Hangout  On Air hosted by small business and entrepreneurship-advocate, David Leopold.

The interview is part of Leopold’s  "Dreaming With Entrepreneurs” series for Global Entrepreneurship week.  The series  is using the incredible power of Google Plus and Google Hangouts to showcase the passion, obstacles, opportunities along with the tools available to enable so many of our wonderings and visions ultimately to become entrepreneurship realities.

Watch the video of the interview 


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