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Louisiana Democrats pop the gator on Vitter

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vitter-gatorDavid Vitter has made news this week, not only in Louisiana but throughout the land of “Politics Nation”.

The Republican Louisiana US Senator went public this week admitting that he just might run for Louisiana Governor.


The major national publications (and some not so major media outlets) picked up on the story, from Politico to the Washington Post, to Real Clear Politics, just for starts.

What also seemed to have made news was the reaction by the Louisiana Democratic Party which apparently was secretively laying low in the marsh until they could pop the gator on Vitter.

On Wednesday, shortly after it became public that Vitter had emailed his team of supporters acknowledging that he having thoughts about holding the next key to the Capitol’s 4th floor, the demos circulated its own email with its own pronouncements.

Without saying so formally, the Dems had swiped or somehow had in its possession, a  valuable piece of web real estate the Vitter camp would surely like to own, or at the minimum, to keep out of the hands of strangers and surely, enemies

Namely, the  democrats announced  the existence of which domain was acquired earlier this year.


And, the feature story on this new anti-Vitter blog?

Vitter’s Gator Hunt (see photo above)

Underneath the photo are these comments, “Was David Vitter hunting more than just alligators at a recent event sponsored by the Fund for Louisiana’s Future?The Fund for Louisiana’s Future is a shadowy super PAC, run by Charlie Spies, Vitter’s former campaign lawyer and the co-founder of the pro-Mitt Romney super PAC Restore Our Future.

Spies claims he doesn’t know if Vitter is planning on running for governor, but says, “We are eagerly watching for any indication.”

So are we.”

The Vitter and the Louisiana Democratic Party website announcements raise some interesting issues, such as:

Why didn’t the Vitter campaign or Friends of Vitter or whatever legal entity simply buy this meaty domain since the world has known for at least a couple of years that the senator was eyeing the mansion?

In fact, according to a article from almost one year ago,  which focused upon efforts by the same Mr. Spiess, “A Washington fundraising heavyweight set up federal and state super PACs on Monday to supportU.S. Sen. David Vitter, a move that heightens speculation that Vitter is eyeing a bid for governor.

Charlie Spies told The Associated Press that Vitter supporters filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission and the state ethics office creating The Fund for Louisiana's Future, a pro-Vitter political action committee.

"The purpose of the super PAC is to support Sen. David Vitter and his conservative agenda for Louisiana," said Spies, chief lawyer for prior Vitter campaigns and co-founder of the pro-Mitt Romney super PAC Restore Our Future.”

Those efforts have reportedly produced some pretty handsome gator wallets full of cash for Vitter who will soon decide whether to devote it to his federal campaign or this governor’s run.

Still, with so much at stake perhaps someone in the camp should have been a little pro-active—simply take a couple of dollars and buy a valuable campaign name, don’t ya think?

Also, the particulars concerning the purchase of that domain and the launching of the site surely should have an interesting history, don’t ya think?

Also, perhaps the biggest story of all is not the site itself nor Vitter’s announcement but the reasons why the Democrats acted the way they did in the first place.

Other republicans, John Kennedy and Jay Dardenne, at the minimum, have discussed running for the seat.  Reportedly, Dardenne is running and Kennedy is still thinking.  There are others also doing the possible candidate talk.  For sure, term-limited Bobby Jindal will need to run a candidate and unless he drinks too much eggnog this holiday season, he surely won’t be backing his biggest critics—Vitter, Dardenne or Kennedy.

So, why did the Demos go after Vitter--with gator, site and all?  Not a world have they uttered denouncing Kennedy or Dardenne.  Nor, to  my knowledge, have not bought,  or some other political domain, either.

The answer is simple.

Vitter is scary.

In the recent SMOR poll, he is ahead of his next competitor by eleven (count them) points.

He has raised more  money talking about not running than others have raised saying they were in the race.

He is the anti-Obama, only second to Jindal, perhaps.   No matter who is in the race against him, all Vitter needs to do--as he did when he ran for U.S. Senate--is to spell the word O-B-O-M-A and he’s in.  In fact, he can misspell it and he still wins.

And look who the democrats have in the bullpen?

Some guy name Edwards who has eight percent in the same poll or maybe Mitch Landrieu, but only if his sis wins next year, and that is a big if?

The democrats have nobody and Vitter smells the blood like a gator crawling around its  prey.

Vitter says he will be talking to Wendy and family, probably talking to his maker once again, and ask for guidance.

My guess is, he will also be asking for some money during the time he agonizes over such a heavy decision.

And for sure, the demo blues have given him a lot of meat for him to entice campaign contributors.

If anything, all Vitter needs to do is point to the polls and show off the website as exhibit A.   Then, he simply needs to tell those holding those greenbacks—“I am the only one they know can win this race--which is why they want me out, now”.  

Such a campaign money pitch makes a lot of sense and probably a lot more dough for his future efforts than anything any other wannabee can generate.

So, while the democrats popped the website gator on Vitter, in the short and long-run, they funded more valuable skin for him to hold up when the Senator says, “I’m in”.

Don’t ya think?


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