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Louisiana healthcare and Medicaid expansion—what’s the debate?

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HealthCareDebateOne of the major issues arising out of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) debate is its complexity.

As the law’s opponents have often argued, the law is made up of thousands of pages and even more thousands of rules that few have read and which no one seems to understand.


I am in that population who are still trying to not only understand the big picture of the law, how it will work for me personally, but also, the political dynamics.

As a result, I have decided to interview Steve Spires, who is policy analyst for the Louisiana Budget Project.  As part of this overall investigation, Bayoubuzz will interview others who share a contrary view from Mr. Spires and the LBP.

That organization, no doubt, has been an enthusiastic supporter of the law, a critic of Governor Bobby Jindal’s on numerous matters, but is an organization worth listening to no matter the argument.

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Going into the interview, I wanted to understand the law and the politics from both sides of the political spectrum.  As a result, I have asked Spires for his views but made sure that I also introduced to the discussion what I believe are differing positions against the law.   Our focus upon the healthcare reform law, we will be to provide as many sides as possible, even from those policy experts who share  positions diametrically opposed of those expressed by the Louisiana Budget Project and Spires.

Part I of the Google Hangout interview focuses upon the very controversial matter—Medicaid expansion.   What is it?  Why should Louisiana accept the federal Medicaid dollars as the Democrats and others have argued?  What part of the population is most affected by this part of the legislation?  Why are the states even in the position of opting in or opting out of the expansion of the federal program?

Below is part one of the Spires interview.  Tomorrow, of course, part 2 of the multipart series:  

(Interview was conducted with Steve Spires using an ipad from a remote location)

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