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2014 election countdown: GOP vs. Mary Landrieu, a Google Hangout

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campaign-cash2013 is now history and 2014 provides great promise and opportunities.  The new year also means politics galore throughout the nation with mid-term elections.   One of those races, the US Senate race for a seat currently held by Democrat Mary Landrieu, is expected to be at center stage as the Republicans try to take control of the Senate.

 Louisiana’s US Senate race is pivotal for both the GOP and the Democrats.  The election is considered to be a tight one as Landrieu, who has always run close races, must defend her record and that of President Obama’s in a blood-red republican state.

Currently, Landrieu is the only Democrat statewide office-holder.

The election has always been considered a Bill Cassidy vs. Landrieu race although there has been outside pressure from Tea Party candidate Col. Rob Maness.  A few days ago, Louisiana House Representative Paul Hollis has declared his candidacy which would pit Landrieu against at least three republican opponents.

Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky questioned former statewide elected official Jim Brown and former Jefferson Parish Assessor Lawrence Chehardy about the eleven month countdown in a Google Hangout interview.

Among issues discussed were whether there is too much outside influence and dollars in the election, if other candidates might jump into the race, Landrieu’s chances given the number of opponents and other topics.  

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