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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 21:33

Advocate Publisher John Georges talks New Orleans Mayor’s race

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GeorgesHow does John Georges view the New Orleans’s mayor’s race 2014?

In 2010, as a private businessman, Georges  ran for Mayor of New Orleans along with others but was defeated by current Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

 Now, Georges is owner and publisher of the Baton Rouge Advocate and the New Orlea ns Advocate newspapers and is looking at the elections from a different perch—as owner of the two most power newspapers in the state, not as a candidate.

This morning, Jeff Crouere, radio talk show host of WGSO 990 am called me and asked me to fill in for him since he was sick.   Having been a guest on his show every week for years, but never having been the host, I consented, but wondered what in the world I would discuss.

I reached out to Georges to discuss the elections and his ownership of the papers and he (luckily for me) graciously consented.

Listen to my radio interview of John Georges.   Because I love using technology with my media, I then decided to create a video of the radio interview.

Part one of the interview focuses upon whether Judge Michael Bagneris, who is considered to be Mitch Landrieu’s biggest challenger, can pull off what I would consider to be a major upset, considering the very short election time-frame remaining in the race.

Only weeks ago, in the middle of the Christmas holiday season, Bagneris declared his candidacy.  The election will take place in early February.

This segment of the interview  begins with caller, Reverend Raymond Brown, questioning Georges. 

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