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Jindal loses education ruling again, will appeal to Supreme Court again

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jindal-angryBack to the Louisiana Supreme Court again

Jindal responded to Judge Michael Caldwell's ruling on Act 1 of his Education reform law after the judge announced  Wednesday morning that Gov. Bobby Jindal's revamp of teacher tenure and salary laws are still unconstitutional.

Judge Michael Caldwell issued his decision Wednesday.

Governor Bobby Jindal issued the following statement regarding the court ruling on Act 1.                                

 Governor Jindal said, “We believe it is Constitutional and we are going to appeal to the Supreme Court. This was the same decision the judge made last time, and we appealed it.  The Supreme Court sent it back and asked him to reconsider.  He issued the same decision.  We will appeal to the Supreme Court again. The law will continue to be in effect. 

“These reforms are constitutional and will help improve Louisiana schools for children and families across the state. The law rewards effective teachers for their hard work and ensures that we have a great teacher in the classroom so that our children have the opportunity succeed."

Caldwell ruled in March that the legislation was unconstitutional because it bundled together too many items spanning Louisiana's education laws. But the Louisiana Supreme Court vacated Caldwell's decision in May and asked him to re-evaluate his ruling.

Caldwell heard new arguments in December.

The Supreme Court said its opinion in a separate education case involving Jindal's statewide voucher program contains new case law for Caldwell to review. In that case, the high court rejected a similar argument that the voucher bill contained too many objectives.
The Louisiana Federation of Teachers filed the lawsuit challenging the 2012 legislation.

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