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Orleans Parish Democratic Party snub of Landrieu is a shock

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landrieu-allianceI must tell you that I am surprised if not shocked.  Why?   Because the Orleans Parish Democratic Party has recently decided to support, not Mitch Landrieu,  not a Landrieu in New Orleans, but Judge Michael Bagneris for the next New Orleans mayor. 

 So why does that surprise me?

Well, we're talking about a Landrieu in New Orleans.  Now, it wouldn't surprise me if the Greater New Orleans Republican Party decided to not support a Landrieu.  That's an easy one after all it's a Landrieu and Republicans generally don't like Landrieus.  

Also the opportunity to weaken US Sen. Mary Landrieu, Mitch Landrieu's sister, is an awesome opportunity.  But we will see.  

So will this endorsement make a difference in this upcoming election?

I don't think so. 

I still would place my money on Mitch Landrieu, that's if I were a betting man. 

But this brushoff and some say this "lack of faith in his governing certainly does not help Mitch Landrieu should he decide to run for statewide office, such as-- governor?

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