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Did ESPN's OTL do hatchet job on New Orleans Saints Sean Payton?

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payton2Does ESPN's John Barr have it out for New Orleans Saints and Sean Payton?  Did he do a hatchet job on Payton?

Let's assume no, he is just doing his own job.

Surely, there is a story about Sean Payton not being Mr. Nice Guy.  Who would expect him to be?

But, was Barr fair in presenting both sides?  This is the same guy who has made a claim that the Saints were up to electronic hanky panky which the Louisiana State Police have essentially poo-pooed.

He was able to get comments from one radio talk show host who apparently is on the outs with Payton.  Barr used court records against Payton which so far prove nothing and are unproven allegations.

Here is what Mike Florio had to say about the fairness and accuracy and some might say Florio was being kind:

Payton also is on very good terms with his mentor, Bill Parcells.  And Parcells is on very good terms with ESPN, given that he works for ESPN.  And many of the things said about Payton in the profile could have been said about Parcells.

But Parcells not only wasn’t interviewed for the ESPN profile of his protégé, Parcells also wasn’t even mentioned.

Maybe Holder and Parcells weren’t interviewed because they would have supplied information that would have cut sharply against the preordained narrative that Payton’s bullying reaches broadly and falls beyond the scope of the things other notorious coaching bullies (like Parcells) have said and done.

Regardless, to the extent Barr’s goal was to present a balanced and comprehensive profile, the omission of Holder and Parcells from the interview list prevents it from being either.


Here is another take

John Barr

After the Louisiana State Police found no evidence to corroborate John Barr's story, the OTL reporter returned to New Orleans to defame the Saints. Barr's latest OTL report aired on Sunday, August 19 and lashed out at Sean Payton. Among other things, John Barr claimed that Payton has criticized the media.

Yes, you read that correctly. ESPN actually wasted a half-hour of airtime doing a report on a coach who has criticized the media. At least Barr's wiretapping story was unique and original. But unless you've been living in a cave (without a cell phone and Wi-Fi) you've probably seen dozens of coaches get angry at the media before.

John Barr cited several examples of New Orleans reporters who have gotten under Sean Payton's skin. I'm not going to dignify OTL by citing all those examples here. But one non-sourced claim by John Barr about an unflattering, expletive that Payton allegedly refers to Larry Holder by was highly irresponsible.


Watch the video below and if you  disagree and especially if you agree with ESPN and Barr please let your voice be heard below.  

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