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Introducing Bayoubuzz Louisiana political Web video news show

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tv-babeThe new media made possible by the new technologies is beyond comprehension.

One of the latest new developments is Internet video and in particular Google Hangouts.

 Bayoubuzz, which was one of the very first online news publications in Louisiana has made great advances experimenting with these new online tools.

In Louisiana, we believe our site held the very first online webinar, was one of the first to use chat and email for interviews, the first to use Google Hangouts for news interviews and press conferences, and now, we are introducing our new product, a Bayoubuzz statewide political news show.  We have other ideas and plans in motion.

We would love for you to be on our team. 

This afternoon, instead of writing a column, I decided to do something new and unique.

So, here is our first news video news program.  It is far from TV.  I did it impulsively.  Obviously, we cannot compete with the stations.  But, what we can do is be different with our content and the manner in which we create it in this era of citizen news.

Please take a look at this initial video news entry which is far from glamorous and lacks all of the trappings of what has made television the dominant media it is today.  Instead, this news broadcast is a baby step extending our hand out to the world for your ideas, contributions and support as we walk and stumble.

Please join us in making those few steps—successful ones. 

BAYOUBUZZ NOTE: We are interested in collaberorating with you.  If you have any relevant skills, technologies, video news stories, broadcasting abilities, video editing, business ideas, email us. 

News stories details: Jean Armstrong, Hangout out with Scalise, Donelon announces aide; Obamacare good or bad; Cassidy; Unemployment insurance, more..



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