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BCS Bowl: Football Beats Politics In Louisiana

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BCSWhat’s more important in Louisiana – politics or football?  Well, for now, it’s football.  Maybe always.
    It so happens that the Louisiana Constitution requires statewide officials and members of the Legislature to be sworn in on the second Monday in January.
    Lo and behold, that’s the same day as the BCS Championship game in which the LSU Tigers play Alabama in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

    Therefore, Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal decided to have his inaugural ball on the night of January 8.  A smart move on his part.  And the swearing in of all of those officials and legislators will likely be a brief affair on Monday, January 9, because many of them will be anxious to hit the road to New Orleans for the game.
    The Legislature, before departing, will also select a House speaker and Senate president.  That will not be a time-consuming exercise because the governor has already made his choices, which will be rubber-stamped by the lawmakers.
    Rep. Chuck Kleckley, R-Lake Charles, will be House speaker, and Sen. John Alario, R-Westwego, will be Senate president.
Northwest Louisiana sends four new legislators to Baton Rouge for a four-year term.  They are Republican Barrow Peacock in Senate District 37, Democrat Greg Tarver (he’s been there before) in Senate District 39, Republican Jeff Thompson in House District 8, and Democrat Gene Reynolds in House District 10.
    Returning veteran lawmakers are:
    Republican Robert Adley in Senate District 36.
    Republican Sherri Cheek in Senate District 38.
    Republican Jim Morris in House District 1.
    Democrat Roy Burrell in House District 2.
    Democrat Barbara Norton in House District 3.
    Democrat Patrick Williams in House District 4.
    Republican Alan Seabaugh in House District 5.
    Republican Thomas Carmody in House District 6.
    Republican Ritchie Burford in House District 7.
    Republican Henry Burns in House District 9.
    The Regular Session of the Legislature begins at noon on Monday, March 12, and ends at 6 p.m. on Monday, June 4.
    The next thing to watch for is committee assignments and what positions will be given to northwest Louisiana legislators.

The former governors
    Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal invited Louisiana’s four living former governors to his inauguration on January 9.
    They are Democrats Edwin Edwards and Kathleen Blanco and Republicans Buddy Roemer and Mike Foster.
    Edwards turned down the invitation to the January 9 festivities because he has tickets to the BCS championship game, but he will attend the inaugural ball on the night of January 8.  One has to wonder who will get the most attention from the press corps – Jindal or Edwards?
    Roemer can’t make it because he is campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination in New Hampshire.  He is hoping a new poll will give him enough support to allow him on the stage with the other candidates in an upcoming debate, thereby giving him national exposure.
    Blanco and Foster will attend the inauguration.

by Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net

(Republished from Fax-Net with permission)

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