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NFL Pro Bowl 2014: A Forgetful Farce

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probowlWe knew the Pro Bowl was not worth saving, but last night’s shirts vs. skins exhibition in day-glo unis only confirms it. It must have been a slow week on Park Avenue when the NFL wizards appointed Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders to become de facto GM’s and choose up sides regardless of conference affiliation.

This year’s new “fix,” which supposedly would appeal to Fantasy Football fanatics, made this game even more of a farce than it already had become. The only players who showed good sense were Tom Brady, all eight selections from the 49ers and handful of others who opted out of participating. Viewers who switched channels and saw Daft Punk sweep the Grammy Awards must have thought they were watching Masterpiece Theater in comparison.

Once a respected event, the modern Pro Bowl is boring, eminently forgettable and with the change implemented in 2012 to freeze out Super Bowl participants, it became totally insignificant. But trying to make the game interesting with inane gimmicks is like trying to make C-span exciting by having naked Kardashians streak through every congressional hearing. You know that somewhere in there is something you’d like to see, but the artificial insemination of half-wits degrades the product beyond value.

Why am I so down on the Pro Bowl? Let me count the ways. The Pro Bowl is no longer what all-star games are supposed to be, a showcase for the past season's best performers. How can it be when 11 of this year's best performers are in the New Jersey Meadowlands freezing their cujones off preparing for Super Bowl XLVIII? How can a Pro Bowl without players from the Super Bowl participants be considered an all-star game?


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