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Of New Orleans Saints, Sinners, Lions, Tigers and Bears

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sid-saints-sinnersi’m supposed to give a damn as a profession and i don’t give a damn, not for the moment anyway.

who in their right minds in south louisiana gives a rat’s patoot who in iowa voted for which malformed malignancy of candidate for president of the corporate states of america, teabag division? after all, six out of the last nine winners of that gop caucus ultimately failed to win the white house and, in many cases, even their party’s nomination. so to hell with them for now and forever.

what’s rightfully important now in south louisiana is that, for the moment, we are the football capitol of the world.

our saints open the nfl playoffs in prime time Saturday night at the dome, followed 48 hours later by our lsu tigers facing off against bama for college football supremacy.

football is far closer to the soul of our people than any political hack’s empty platitudes. our saints and tigers bring us together in joy and happiness in ways our politicians never can or will.

we choose our saints of the superdome over the sinners of d.c., and more power to us for having our priorities straight.

we choose the saints over the lions in something of a roman coliseum-style bit of irony, and our tigers of lsu over the late bear bryant’s alabama crimson tide. i must reference bear bryant here because it completes my analogy of sinners and saints and lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

plus, fortunately for lsu fans, nick saban is not now, nor will he ever be, bear bryant. saban’s more like the political carpetbagger always looking to upgrade his own profile instead of growing roots and knowing what a home really is. above all, saban loves saban.

in new orleans we choose to share our passion and joy of life in many ways: through our food, our music, our celebrations and culture, and through acknowledging excellence on a football field, where our friends and foes are far more clearly defined than in the halls of congress or the state capitol.

why shouldn’t we rejoice in occasions like these and ignore the comparatively trivial exploits of a pack of political losers in bad suits now on their way to new hampshire, geographically 18 states away and psychologically light years away from us?

by the way, looking ahead to Saturday night’s tv schedule, while our beloved saints take on the detroit lions at the superdome in prime time on nbc for the world to see, abc will be featuring as counterprogramming….a republican presidential debate in new hampshire!

saints football versus a teabagger sleaze and slumber party. america gets to vote with their tv remotes Saturday night, and i’d bet heavy on the saints, but i don’t think i’ll find any suckers willing to bet on the teabaggers, not even in new hampshire.

Those tv ratings are the kind of political poll i’ll look forward to reading about on Sunday. i have a feeling that the nation will affirm rightfully what’s important, interesting, fun and compelling in life, and the politicians can be left to squabble over what’s left. the saints are gonna defeat both the teabaggers and the lions.

kickoff is at 7 pm. you know where i’ll be: getting crunk and occupying the dome. the rest of the world can wait a while longer. who dat.

-sid arroyo

Sidney Arroyo

Sidney Arroyo is a progressive political activist and consultant who has worked on numerous campaigns in the New Orleans area.

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