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Kate Middleton and Flopsy Mopsy do Mustique

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kate-flowersThe photos of Kate Middleton getting off the plane in Mustique with Baby George are out there, but finding them is a bit of a challenge.
The word is that Kate Middleton will NOT be suing the paparazzi who took them.

To sue someone, courts make you have a pretty good reason.
What’s Kate’s reason?
There isn’t any that I can see.
Kate, wearing a stripey shirt and those second-skin leggings she and off-duty strippers favor, got off the plane carrying Baby George.
Or maybe it was a flopsy fake Baby George baby doll.
The baby Kate Middleton carried off the plane looked dull, lifeless, limp.
Was Kate carrying a real baby, people wondered?
Or was she carrying a doll?
Or had Baby George been given something numbing and stifling like Calpol for the plane ride?
Not since toddler Madeleine McCann disappeared in Portugal has so much concern been voiced.
Anyway, the photos of Kate Middleton and her baby doll, or rag doll, or whatever she was carrying in that adorable sunhat are out, if you can find them. Check out "Hello!" which is said to have done the deal.
Is it a baby doll or a real live Baby George?
It’s likely that only "Hello!" knows for sure. The photos look a bit grainy, but Kate Middleton clearly wanted them taken.
Missing the shot was Kate’s brother James, who accompanied her on the flight over, and together with Baby George they headed up to the Middletons’ family rented mansion with servants. For a week or so. In the coldest part of the British winter, when Royal subjects are cold and hungry and waiting for Royal Kate to DO something.
When the going gets tough, Royals Willy and Waity...take a break!
Well, Waity, anyway. Willy is reportedly deeply ensconced in his private tutorialized studies in agriculture for the rich at Cambridge University.
Leave England in the dead of winter for the seductions of Mustique?
William wouldn’t dare. Someone has talked some sense into him for once.

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