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Landrieu, Demos slam GOP on Boehner, Koch? Project Geaux Red on green

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cassidyLouisiana Politics today:  Can the democrats and Mary Landrieu do a BP oil spill moratorium on the GOP and Bill Cassidy due to GOP inaction and the Koch brothers' influence upon Speaker John Boehner?   

Will the Louisiana GOP continue its dominance, especially with its unveiling and implementing Project: Geaux Red, which is on Go-Green?

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The Senate's reform bill proposing a four-year delay in increases in premiums in the National Flood Insurance Program is soon up for a vote in the U.S. House and has bipartisan support in Louisiana's state congressional delegation. However, according to an article by Alex Roarty, published in the National Journal, the Louisiana chapter of AFP (Americans for Prosperity), a group associated with the conservative billionaire Koch brothers and concerned with backing conservative candidates, now tries to stop the bill that covers more than a half-million Louisianians.


In spite of Bill Cassidy's support of the reform bill, Democrats are now attacking both the Louisiana AFP and Cassidy. Andrew Zucker, spokesman for the state Democratic party, calls AFP's fight against the bill an example of their “anti-Louisiana agenda.” The state Democrats also highlights Cassidy's association with AFP through their backing of his candidacy and their anti-Mary Landrieu ads. AFP's resistance against the bill shows, according to the Democrats, that voters should trust neither AFP nor Cassidy.


The issue is similar to the politics of the BP oil spill moratorium and the U.S. Senate race in which David Vitter frequently and successfully slammed his opponent Charlie Melancon because of President Obama’s moratorium on deepwater drilling permits. At that time, the Republican Party and Vitter used the issue to pit the Democratic Party and Melancon as proponents of the moratorium although both Senator Mary Landrieu and Melancon were publicly outraged by the Obama administration’s action.


Like Landrieu and Melancon during the BP oil spill, Cassidy and the whole Louisiana delegation have been early and strident supporters of immediate action to mitigate the serious damage to the Louisiana economy as a result of the federal action.  


In the video below, Cassidy and virtually all South Louisiana major elected officials as well as top business organizations were supportive of an immediate remedy.


The issue is ripe for the Louisiana Democrats and for Landrieu. Using the GOP successful BP oil spill game plan, to link the democrats with Obama despite their opposition to the moratorium, it could be possible for Landrieu and company to own an issue.


To do so, however, they would need to:

1. Link the Kochs’ money to Boehner’s decision not to bring up the legislation;

2. Show that Boehner is not sensitive to the plight of South Louisiana citizens;

3. Pound that the Louisiana GOP delegation, including Cassidy, are collective in their support of the legislation but are totally ineffectual in convincing Boehner to ignore the Koch apparatus on this issue.

To what extent the Louisiana Democratic Party and Senator Mary Landrieu will be able to turn the tables remains to be seen.

(Publisher Stephen Sabludowsky assisted with the above content)


Putting Louisiana's Pension Costs in Context: New Report Shows Corporate Tax Subsidies and Loopholes Exceed State Retirement Costs


Tomorrow, February 6 at 2PM, Democratic State Representative (and Louisiana Gubernatorial candidate) John Bel Edwards will join Good Jobs First Research Director Phillip Mattera, Louisiana Budget Project Director Jan Moller, and the author of the new report “Putting State Pension Costs in Context” for a press conference about the findings of this pension report. The report examines ten states, including Louisiana, in which elected officials threaten to cut the pension benefits of hundreds of thousands of public employees.


The report finds that while lawmakers are cutting retirement  benefits of state workers, they are giving away billions of dollars in corporate tax subsidies and loopholes. In Louisiana, the annual revenue loss through loopholes and tax breaks is nearly $2 billion, a sum that surpasses the current cost of pension benefits for state employees.


General Russel Honoré and John Barry to Bring Ecosystem Protection Fight to Lafayette on Thursday


On Thursday night this week, Retired Lt. General Russel Honoré, leader of the Green Army, and John Barry, founder of Restore Louisiana Now, will lead a public meeting and discussion on threats to Acadiana and Louisiana's drinking water, air, and coast. Honoré, known for stabilizing New Orleans after Katrina in 2005, and Barry, a noted author and former member of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority, have been working to put the protection the Lousiana's coast at the center of the state's political discourse.


The meeting will be held at Lafayette's Clifton Chenier Center from 7PM to 9PM and discussion topics include the state of Louisiana's coast, the March 8 Louisiana Water Festival to be held outside the State Capitol in Baton Rouge, and plans for the upcoming legislative session. Admission is free.


RNC Going 'All in in Louisiana' with Project Geaux Red


According to a press release from LAGOP, the state party plans to grow and reclaim Senator Mary Landrieu's seat in 2014 by “focusing on year-round, grassroot efforts rather than commercial blasts right before the election.” The recently launched Project Geaux Red targets neighborhoods and recruits team leaders. LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere said that they have already recruited 600 precinct captains and 1,000 precinct team members. Furthermore, Villere stated, LAGOP has support from donors, the RNC (Republican National Committee), and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.


ObamaCare Will Result in 2 Million Fewer Workers: More Consequences of Mary Landrieu's Deciding Vote


In a press release, National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Press Secretary Brook Hougesen blames U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu for the “dire consequences” that ObamaCare has had for “workers, families, and small businesses in Louisiana.” Landrieu promised the ObamaCare would  “lessen the burden on small businesses and allow them to thrive and create jobs for years to come.” However, a report issued by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) yesterday reveals that ObamaCare will result in 2 million fewer workers over the next decade. These numbers reveal, Hougesen says, that all of Mary Landrieu's promises were false and that “middle-class Louisianians continue to pay the price.”


LAGOP Holds Pelican Club/Precinct Captains Conference Call

On Thursday at 7PM, the Republican Party of Louisiana will hold their second conference call for Pelican Club members and Precinct Captains. The participants will be given an update on the campaign to defeat Mary Landrieu, “Project: Geaux Red” and the upcoming 2014 legislative session. The speakers will include LAGOP Chairman and Republican National Committee Vice Chairman Roger Villere, RNC Director of State Parties Matt Pinnell, and LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré.

LAGOP is looking for people to join the Pelican Club and/or become Precinct Captains. 

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