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Obamacare Is Anything but Compassionate, Jindal Argues

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Jindal-Meet-the-pressSince the publication of the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) report on the effects of the new health care law, Republicans and Democrats both have engaged in what Politico’s senior policy reporter David Nather calls “food fights” and “cherry picking.” With an op-ed published Sunday, Gov. Bobby Jindal stepped into the ring, once again with Politico, on various national issues. In “Obamacare Is Anything But Compassionate,” he argues that the health care law discourages people from working and that it is a “recipe for increasing inequality.”

 One of Jindal's greatest worries is that, according to the CBO report, the health care law will “reduce the labor supply by the equivalent of 2.3 million full-time workers.” Furthermore, the report states that the law's expanded Medicaid eligibility “will, on balance, reduce incentives to work.” Because people will lose subsidies when their income rises above a certain level, Jindal fears that low-income Americans are given disincentives to work more.

Moreover, Jindal is distressed that Obamacare's Medicaid expansion “prioritizes coverage for able-bodied adults over the needs of persons with disabilities.” According to the Urban Institute, nearly five in six adults to be covered under this expansion are adults without children, “most in their prime working years.” Jindal expresses his outrage that these people will be covered at the cost of the 500,000 seniors and people with disabilities who are waiting for home- and community-based services that could bring them out of institutions, people whom “Medicaid was initially created to serve.”

Jindal scorns Obama for defending his health care law by stating that “we are a compassionate nation” when he himself finds the law that discourages people from work and prioritizes the able-bodied over the disabled, incompassionate. Jindal also highlights the work of his administration to build a safety net “for the least fortunate among us”:

  • The Medicaid system has been reformed to assist people with disabilities and uninsured children. 96.5% of Louisiana’s children now have health insurance.
  • The proposed budget for the next fiscal year proposes $26 million in new funding for home and community-based services for seniors and disabled people.     

Read more in original source: Bobby Jindal: “Obamacare Is Anything But Compassionate”

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