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Mary Landrieu gets powerful Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee chair

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landrieuThe United States Senate Democratic Caucus today voted to appoint U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., as the chair of the powerful Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. On Thursday, February 13, 2014, the U.S. Senate will take a formality vote on an organizational resolution, when Sen. Landrieu will officially take the helm of the committee.


“I am excited and honored to lead this committee that is so critical to Louisiana and the nation’s economic vitality, job creation and energy security. I’m humbled to be a part of the long list of pro-energy senators from both parties who have led this committee with strength, vision and distinction, including one of Louisiana’s finest, J. Bennett Johnston

“During the coming weeks and months, I will remain focused on moving an agenda forward that is inclusive, bipartisan and focused on the job creation that America needs and wants. Everything we do will be part of helping to build the middle class and expanding opportunities for entrepreneurs in the domestic energy sector. Increasing domestic energy production and fortifying and expanding the infrastructure that connects producers, refiners and consumers will help us achieve this goal. 

“The industrial revolution and American ingenuity helped build the middle class in the last century. Today, we find ourselves in the midst of an energy revolution that has the potential to grow and expand the middle class in this century. New and exciting technologies allow us to locate, produce and capture a variety of energy sources with extraordinary efficiency are already creating more jobs, significant economic expansion in Louisiana, North Dakota, Alaska, Pennsylvania and in many places across the country.

“When we tap into energy here at home, we produce high-paying jobs right where we need them. These jobs pay the kind of wages and salaries that allow families to buy homes, save for the future and build wealth.

“As energy production on federal lands increases, we have a responsibility to promote policies that invest in local communities that host energy and other natural resources production. The federal government should extend the smart partnership that inland states currently enjoy to coastal states like Louisiana and other resource-rich states, like Alaska, to advance this energy revolution, manufacturing renaissance and job creation.

“I look forward to building on the work of Senator Wyden whose great patience and leadership will most certainly be an asset to the Finance Committee. I am excited for the opportunity to continue the strong partnership I have with my colleague and good friend, Senator Murkowski. Louisiana and Alaska share a natural friendship and values from our fisheries and energy production to great outdoors. I look forward to working with all the members of this committee to safely produce the energy America needs and promote strong trading alliances that will create good jobs and a prosperous future for our nation.”

The posibility, if not liklihood of Landrieu becoming the Chairperson has sparked debate in Louisiana.  Landrieu is facing a strong challenge from Republicans and her seat has been targeted by outside groups and by the GOP as a "must win" seat.  Recent polls have varied, including two two conservative-leaning surveys, one that shows Landrieu and her main GOP opponent Bill Cassidy to be leading and another showing Landrieu far ahead of Cassidy.   



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