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Morial on New Orleans Ex-Mayor Nagin Conviction: Dishonesty Comes in All Colors

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corruptionThe Ray Nagin trial and verdict have shaken not only New Orleans, but also the rest of the state and the country. When Stephen Sabludowsky met with former mayor Marc Morial in a Google Hangout on the very same day that Morial’s successor was convicted, the Nagin case inevitably became a topic of discussion. 

 Sabludowsky said that the Ray Nagin case must have been horrible for the black community, and Morial  [00:27] responded by pointing out that yesterday was also a sad day for the office of Mayor anywhere in the country. Morial said that it’s [00:41] tragic that this mayor, who happened to be an African-American, also violated the sense of history and trust that many people afforded in him. However, Morial pointed out, [00:57] “honesty can come in all colors, genders, political dispositions, you name it, and dishonesty can come in all colors, too. You’ve had a Ray Nagin and an Aaron Broussard. You had a William Jefferson and you had an Eddie Price.”

Morial also discussed his upbringing [01:40] and his being taught by his father and his mother that public service is a sacred trust, different from involvement in business and law. One has to be completely dedicated to service; if not, one should find another job. [02:20] Morial pointed out that he is seeing elected officials, from mayors to even three governors, in trouble in the New York area. [02:52] Even though the people of Southeast Louisiana has seen a handful of elected officials finding themselves in legal trouble, we should not believe that this issue is unique to the New Orleans area. Also, New Orleans is not unique in having honest officials. [03:30] Morial pointed out that New Orleans has had some great leaders with integrity and competence - Martin Behrman, DeLesseps Morrison, Moon Landrieu, and his father (Dutch Morial)--so many great leaders that people came to look up to the office and the institution of mayor. [04:13] Nagin has soiled the office of Mayor. On the other hand, Morial believes that the current mayor, Mitch Landrieu, has conducted himself with integrity and that it will be his challenge to keep doing that in the future.

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— C. Ray Nagin (@RayNagin) February 13, 2014

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