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I hung-out with NBA's greatest, Google webcasted it to the world

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nba-wattsImagine sitting next to and talking to your childhood heros--the guys you wish you were and never thought you would ever get to know.

 Now, imagine interviewing them which interview is broadcasted to the world.

This is what happened Friday as the NBA All Star Game was in New Orleans, the fans were in a frenzy and the greatest athletes and hall of famers were walking the streets and hotel halls.

Today, with the help of two associates, I fulfilled one of those precious moments in life, using the future, to re-live the past--while sharing it with people across the globe with whom I do not know. My post on Google Plus below, I think, explains it all.

While sitting in the lounge room at the Mariott Hotel in New Orleans, I had the great pleasure to talk with and to interview incredible all-star talents such as Slick Watts, Calvin Murphy, former first-round draft choice Larue Martin and even a couple of Harlem Globetrotters. 

While the interviews were far from television quality, and were hampered a bit by hotel Internet issues, theverall event, I believe, was quality Internet. Moreso, people throughout the world, online, could type in their questions and could comment, in real time.  Also, the video now has a life of its own and will surely be a keep sake for some and a guidepost for others.

The video used were not large and expensive television cameras.  Nope, they were a laptop, a notepad, a headset and an earbug with a mic.  Making it happen was Google Hangouts. The producer was in the Canary Islands and the co-moderator was in Illinois.

The end-product, while not ready for an Emmy, still allowed the world to watch the former basketball greats discuss their heroic and very special careers.  From their words, we could understand and greatly appreciate how that playing experience as young men shaped their lives as mature adults and enabled them to help so many of us to better deal with life's errant bounces. 

These special men, were blessed with awesome talents and god-given skills.  Now, thanks to new technologies, we are able to relieve their memories and are able to share their current greatness with our worlds. 




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