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Hangout: Did Jindal benefit from minimum wage slam at White House?

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crouere-sabludowsky-punchingGovernor Bobby Jindal ’s controversial White House comments outside of the West Wing, on Monday was the initial subject of discussion during the first part of Tuesday’s WGSO-Bayoubuzz radio hangout with Jeff Crouere and publisher Stephen Sabludowsky.


Crouere asked Sabludowsky about Monday's controversy in which Jindal criticized President Obama.

Sabludowsky said it reminded him of the BP oil spill incident in which President Obama visited Louisiana Governor Jindal and others during the height of the crises.  Jindal and Obama had a private conversation.  Jindal then described and highlighted that conversation in his book which he wrote during the spill incident, although Sabludowsky said the governor had publically said he would not write a book.

Is the minimum wage a good political platform for Jindal to stand upon and did he win points with conservatives around the nation? 

Watch the short video interview of the first segment of the WGSO Bayoubuzz Google Hangout  

Sabludowsky appears on the WGSO radio program weekly every Tuesday morning.

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