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Friday, 07 March 2014 15:46

Edwin W. Edwards, next United States Rep. from Louisiana's 6th Congressional District?

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edwards-trina“Louisiana United States Congressman Edwin W. Edwards.”

If the “old sly gray Fox” has his way, that will be his name and title should the 86-year-old former Congressman and former four-term-ex-governor pulls off the totally unexpected.

 Unexpected for many reasons:  Gov. Edwards has served almost 10% of his life in federal prison for racketeering charges;  his age;  he is a proud father of an infant boy, Eli; he will be running in a congressional district that might not be the most favorable to him, even on a good day.

Now, it all appears almost a certainty that he will formally announce his candidacy for the 6th Congressional District of Louisiana.

Edwards, unlike many current politicians in Louisiana will run for federal office as a Democrat.  Currently, only U.S.  Sen. Mary Landrieu and Congressman Cedric Richmond represent the state at the national level, as a Democrat.

According to knowledge sources,  Edwards is expected to make his announcement in Baton Rouge at an up-coming press club meeting March 18.

So, does Edwards have a legitimate chance of winning?

Currently, the state is represented by Republican Bill Cassidy who is vacating the chair in favor of a run for U.S. Senate against Mary Landrieu.

According to a recent report, only 22 percent of its registered voters are African American, the Democrats are in the minority and comparatively speaking, the district is and has been fertile ground for republicans.

The last time Edwards ran was when he won his fourth term in office as governor against David Duke. At that time, the cry was “vote for the crook” instead of voting for the Klansmen and Nazi. 

Although he had been acquitted on prior charges in the past, roughly five years after he left office, Edwards convicted and imprisoned.

Five months after Edwards’s  January 2011 release from jail and less than a month after his sentencing was completed , he married his third wife Trina Edwards at the Monteleone Hotel, in New Orleans.

Edwards last public foray was a failed reality TV show, called The Governor’s Wife, featuring his wife and his new family.  That show was canned after only a few weeks.


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